7 Weirdest Esports Games in the World, There’s Tom And Jerry

You must know esports games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Apex Legends. As esports games, they are played by professionals who compete for achievements.

Of course, when you hear these names, you will feel normal. After all, genre FPS and MOBA often how come made into a competition. Well, it turns out there you know a game that at first glance looks less suitable for esports. Even so, gamers still compete to be the best. Let’s take a look at the seven weirdest esports games!

1. Stardew Valley

7 Weirdest Esports Games in the World, There's Tom And JerryStardew Valley esports illustration (YouTube.com/UnsurpassableZ VODs)

A life simulation game that invites you to grow crops, socialize, and explore dungeons has now become esports! Competition named Stardew Valley Cup this pits four teams to complete several tasks in order to earn points and cash amounting to 40 thousand US dollars (Rp 569.9 million). Cool!

The competition, which will take place on September 4, 2021, will be heldcast by YouTuber Stardew Valley, Elements of Passable Z and the game developer itself, Eric Barone or familiarly called ConcernedApe. The funny thing is, both of them have to rack their brains and determine more than a hundred tasks that must be completed by the four teams.

2. GeoGuessr

7 Weirdest Esports Games in the World, There's Tom And JerryGeoGuessr esports illustration (Youtube.com/GeoGuessr Esports)

For those of you who often travel to other countries using the application Google Maps, there is an esports that is right for you. In this game, which was first launched in 2013, you will be placed in a random position and have to guess the name of the area.

This is not easy, considering you can’t see street names or shop names. The architectural style and atmosphere of the place are examples of clues that can help you earn points in GeoGuessr. The closer your guess is to the actual location, the more points you will get!

Launch theScore esports, competition GeoGuessr involving the best players who are pitted in match five rounds and made more exciting with presence caster. Whoever gets the most points is the winner.

3. Tom and Jerry: Chase

7 Weirdest Esports Games in the World, There's Tom And JerryTom and Jerry: Chase esports illustration (YouTube.com/Tom and Jerry Chase Tournament)

Cartoons that are watched by many children in various parts of the world have received games mobile casual, but has a competitive element. Game titled Tom and Jerry: Chase developed by NetEase Games has a familiar concept for those of you who are familiar with Dead by Daylight and Identity V.

In this game that carries the concept of 1 on 4, you can choose to play as a cat or a mouse. On one hand, 4 mice work together to steal the cheese and trick the cat. On the other hand, the cat has to catch the four annoying mice. There are many characters that you can use such as Tuffy, Jerry, Tom, Pecos, and Butch.

quote IGN Southeast Asia, This unique esports also has a phase pick and tire, you know! yes, a phase where both teams can determine which character to choose and which character to play.tire. Thus, this phase will determine the composition of the team itself and the enemy team.

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4. The Sims 4

7 Weirdest Esports Games in the World, There's Tom And JerryThe Sims 4 esports illustration (YouTube.com/BuzzFeed Multiplayer)

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Esports this time is quite different because it is packaged in the form of reality show. Through his collaboration with ELEAGUE and Buzzfeed MultiplayerEA produces an esport named The Sims Spark’d.

A total of 12 contestants and several judges were involved in this competition. In The Sims Spark’d, contestants fight for as much as 100 thousand US dollars (Rp 1.4 billion).

As an illustration, one of the stages of competition is team mode. Every team has stylist, builders, and storyteller. As the name suggests, stylist tasked with creating characters, Builders have an obligation to design a residence followed by the architecture, while storyteller is the person who creates the story line. Which one do you choose?

5. UNO! Mobile


When gathering with friends or family, UNO and Jenga be an example of a useful game to pass the time. What happens when game party like UNO turned into esports? UNO Championship Series Mobile Tournament is the answer!

according to One Esports, this tournament was held as a birthday celebration UNO 50th. Besides UNO Mobile Tournament which are global, there are also UNO Championship Series Invitational Tournament which takes place on November 11, 2021 in Las Vegas. This competition has a grand prize of 50 thousand US dollars (Rp712.8 million). That’s a lot, yes!

6. Krunker.io

7 Weirdest Esports Games in the World, There's Tom And JerryKrunker.io esports illustration (YouTube.com/Krunker Esports)

Although FPS is a fairly common genre in esports, Krunker.io quite different because this one game is based on browser. That is, just like the game in Friv and Games.co.idyou don’t need to download anything.

Esports Krunker spread in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. Movement in Krunker very fast, beat Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant.

When compared to Apex Legends however, the movement and speed of the game in Krunker much faster. No room for silence, no room for breathing.

7. Farming Simulator

7 Weirdest Esports Games in the World, There's Tom And JerryFarming Simulator esports illustration (YouTube.com/Farming Simulator)

Stardew Valley not the only farming game that has become esports. In fact, Farming Simulator It also has its own competition. Total prize pool-it reached 250 thousand euros (Rp 4.2 billion).

In Farming Simulator League, there are two teams of three players each. Both teams will be given a wheat field and 15 minutes of time.

They have to compete in turning wheat into wheat bales and delivering it to the barn for points. Like Tom and Jerry: Chasethis game also has a system pick and tire.

Based on information WIN.gg, The teams in these unique esports are usually sponsored by agricultural manufacturing companies. In addition, most of the players in this tournament are from Germany. Very passionate!

Of these seven esports, which one is the most interesting? Share your answer, yes!

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