8 Best Online PDF (Web) Editing Ways for Free and Very Neat!

www.dukcapilmakassar.co.id – Knowing how to edit PDF online will make it easier for you to edit various documents with ease. To be able to edit or add something to a PDF file requires a third application. In addition, you can also edit online through the website.

Luckily there are many websites that provide service features to edit PDF files easily and of course for free. As is well known, editing PDF files is not as easy as Microsoft Word files.

Well, to help your work. Let’s check the best online PDF editing websites below. Everything is free!

Getting to Know PDF Files

Getting to Know PDF Files

First of all, do you know what a PDF is? For those who haven’t, PDF is a file format created by Adobe System in 1993. PDF was used as a medium for exchanging documents digitally.

Generally PDF is used to attach two-dimensional documents, such as text and images. But there are also PDFs that can load three-dimensional documents.

List of Best Online PDF Editing Websites

Here are some of the best sites that offer PDF editing features:



The first best site is PDF2GO. This site provides a feature that allows you to edit PDFs online without having to download or install an application.

The user interface on the site is simple and easy to understand. Apart from that, security is guaranteed as long as you use this site. Here’s how to edit a PDF with the PDF2GO site:

  • Type pdf2go.com in the search field. Find and open the site.
  • Navigate to the Edit PDF menu.
  • Then click Choose File.
  • Find and select the PDF file you want to edit.
  • Then click Open.
  • Let the PDF file upload process finish.
  • When you’re done, you’ll be directed to a site that displays your PDF file. Now, just add the desired elements, such as images, text or other elements.
  • When you’re done, tap Save or Save As.
  • Later the PDF file will be saved on a PC or laptop. Repeat the above steps if there are elements you forgot to include.

2. I Love PDF

I Love PDF

Just like the site above, I Love PDF also provides a hassle-free online PDF editing service. Simply by visiting the site, you can edit the contents of the PDF as needed. The complete method is as follows:

  • Search for the address ilovepdf.com, then go to the official website.
  • Then hover over the Select PDF File menu.
  • Find the PDF file that you want to edit.
  • Click Open.
  • After that you can edit or delete the elements in it, such as signatures, images, text and others.
  • Select Save As.
  • If successfully saved, the PDF file will be automatically downloaded and saved to your PC or laptop.

3. Sejda Online PDF Editor

Sejda Online PDF Editor

Sejda also doesn’t want to lose to other online PDF editing sites. Sejda Online PDF Editor is a very popular and widely used site for editing PDFs. The features integrated on the site are quite complete.

Not only can you add text, you can also insert new blank pages, insert hyperlinks, and even delete existing pages. The operation is not difficult, here is the complete way:

  • Open the browser.
  • Visit the Sejda website at the address sejda.com.
  • To start the editing process, first click the Upload PDF File option.
  • Then attach the PDF file to be edited.
  • Wait until the upload process is complete.
  • A window will appear that allows files to be added, deleted or changed. You can enter shapes, images to signatures.
  • Select Apply Changes when finished editing.
  • Then click Download to save the edited file.

4. SmallPDF


SmallPDF is a popular site that provides various features, from converting files to editing PDF files.

The process doesn’t take long depending on how much you want to change the contents. Follow the steps to edit a PDF as follows:

  • Go to the SmallPDF page by searching for the address smallpdf.com/id.
  • This address will take you directly to the edit pdf menu.
  • Click Edit PDF. Then select Files.
  • Next, specify the file you want to edit.
  • Wait a moment until the upload process is successful.
  • You will be moved to the work page to edit the PDF file.
  • Here PDF files can be arranged according to your wishes, whether it’s deleting pages or inserting new text.

5. Google Docs

Google Docs

Who doesn’t know Google Docs? This platform of a million people can actually be used to edit PDF files. The method is also quite easy, with just a few clicks you can edit the contents of the PDF. Well, below is the complete way:

  • First, visit the site drive.google.com.
  • Then, upload the PDF file that you want to edit in that place.
  • If it’s been uploaded successfully, hover over the file, then right-click.
  • Click the Open with menu.
  • Then select Google Docs/Google Docs.
  • Well, you just need to easily edit the contents of the PDF as you like.
  • To save the file, navigate to the File menu in the upper left corner.
  • Click Documents.
  • Then, select Document PDF.
  • The file will be downloaded and saved automatically.

6. PDFEscape


PDFEscape offers complete features and is easy to use. In just a short time, you can also convert files to any format, one of which is PDF.

In addition to converting, PDFEscape also provides PDF editing features without having to download an application. Here are the steps:

  • Run the browser.
  • Go to the official PDFEscape website.
  • Select the Edit Your PDF Now menu.
  • Then click Continue To PDFEscape.
  • To create a new PDF file, select the Create New PDF menu. But if it already exists, you just need to upload it to the site. How to select Upload PDF to PDFEscape.
  • Find the PDF file to edit. The maximum size is 10 MB.
  • Wait for some time until the process is complete.
  • Navigate to the Insert and Text menus to add new text. Apart from text, you can also add other elements.
  • If you are satisfied, just save the PDF file by clicking Save and Download PDF.
  • Select OK. The PDF file will be saved to the computer automatically.

7. Soda PDF

Soda PDF

The next recommended online PDF editing site is Soda PDF. Its excellent features besides PDF editing include document conversion. But you are required to create an account first before you can enjoy the features in Soda PDF. So, go ahead, here’s how:

  • Type the address online.sodapdf.com, then press Enter.
  • You will be directed to the official website. Then click Open PDF.
  • Select Open, then click Computer.
  • Select the Edit menu.
  • To start editing, double-click the section you want to edit.
  • Click Save to save the file.

8. Adobe.com

Adobe com

The next site is unquestionable. You will not be disappointed with the easy and simple user interface.

This site allows you to modify the contents of the file by inserting text, tables, images and more. Here’s an easy way toedit PDF with Adobe:

  • Click the Select a file menu, then specify the PDF file to be edited. You can also do drag and drop in the area provided.
  • Wait until the upload process is complete.
  • After that, you can start the editing process.
  • Download the edited file to save it.

Easy isn’t it? With the online PDF editing sites above, you can add or remove content contained in the PDF.