8 Blur Photo Clarification Apps Worth Trying

Upset with blurry or blurry photos? Don’t worry, we can fix it by using an application to make blurry photos more focused.

The application is equipped with many tools which we can use to fix blurry or blurry photos to make them clearer and even HD.

That way, you don’t have to worry about repeating the photo when the result is blurry, just fix it with the help of the application.

So what is the name of the application to clarify blurry photos? No need to linger, here are the recommended applications for you to choose from.

List of Blur Photo Blur Apps

The following are applications to clarify blurry photos to be more focused, even HD.


First, you can use Remini. This application features features that utilize AI, one of which is being able to correct blurry photos to make them look clearer.

It’s very easy to use Remini to clarify blurry photos. So you won’t be confused even if you’re new to using it.

Not only fixing blurry photos, this application developed by Splice Video Editor has a feature to change the lighting and color of photos for more detail.

Remini can be downloaded through the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) for free.

Lightroom – Blur Photo Clarification App

Lightroom App Clarifying Blurred Photos
Lightroom. (IST)

Lightroom is one of the best photo editing applications that many people use to edit photos, both pro and beginners.

You can use one of its features to remove blur in photos. You can adjust the sharpness of the photo as desired.

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Snapseed. (IST)

For those who have often edited photos on their cellphones, surely this application is familiar, namely Snapseed. This application developed by Google is easy to use because it has a simple interface.

Nevertheless, however tools and the filters provided are quite complete. So don’t be surprised if Snapseed has been downloaded by more than 100 million users and the rating is also good.

You can use this application to change photos that were originally blurry to be much clearer and more focused. So that’s enough perfect to upload to social media.

VSCO – Blur Photo Brightening App

For this one application, of course, there is no need to doubt it. The reason is, in it there are a lot of features for editing photos, including fixing blurry photos.

The popularity of this application is no longer in doubt. The number of downloads alone has reached more than 100 million users and is often used by many celebrities to edit their photos to make them cooler.

Sofor those of you who don’t have VSCO, please download the application on the Play Store or App Store right now.


Pixlr provides features to enhance your photos, including changing them from blurry to clearer ones. After that you can do other editing with its quite complete features.

Starting from adding filters, effects, making photo collages, adding text to photos, cropping and resizing images, being able to remove blemishes, red eyes, smoothing skin, whitening teeth on photos, and many others.

Improve Photo Quality

Improve Photo Quality
Improve Photo Quality. (IST)

Application to clarify blurry photos hereinafter named Improve Photo Quality. As the name implies, the app is the best tool to help sharpen blurry photos.

There are color adjustment options including hue, saturation, sharpness, blur, contrast, and brightness. Then, there are various effects for photos that are quite complete, 50 overlays, and many others.

Download Boost Photo Quality right now to start using it, the app size is quite light how come!


Picsart. (IST)

Picsart is a very popular application from the past until now. The reason is, with this application, you can do photo editing to create graphic designs such as logos, brochures, pamphlets, and others.

For photo editing, Picsart can turn a blurry photo into a more focused one. That’s because of the AI ​​features of this application made by PicsArt, Inc.

This application is very easy to use even for beginners. So you don’t have to worry about having trouble operating it to clarify blurry photos.

Enhance/Clear/Clean Photos

Enhance Clear Photo Clean - Blur Photo Clarifier App
Enhance/Clear/Clean Photos. (IST)

The last discussed blurry photo blur app is Enhance/Clear/Clean Photos. This application is able to remove blur in images, remove unnecessary points to improve image quality.

The process is also fast and easy, in a few seconds you can add photos that are sharper and clearer than before.

Try comparing his pre-edited and post-edited photos with Enhance/Clear/Clean Photos.

The users of this application also gave very good reviews and said that this application succeeded in making blurry photos clearer.

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This is an application to clarify blurry photos on Android and iPhone cellphones. Which application will you download?