8 Episodes of Running Man Full of Plot Twists

The concept carried in each episode Running Man very interesting and fun to watch. In addition to concepts, episodes Running Man also often slip a plot twist unexpected. Especially when they carry the concept of spying.

This of course makes it difficult for the audience to guess the plot. Because their guesses about the spy are often wrong. Just like eight episodes Running Man The following successfully made the audience gape in blessing plot twist which is served.

1. Episode 155


Episode 155, which also stars Suzy, tells the story of the members Running Man who organized a reunion after 10 years apart. During school, there were two students in their class who also participated in this reunion.

However, the atmosphere is getting darker when the mission to find a destiny partner is given. Because when they search for the answer, there are various curses that accompany their every step. Where when the curse is broken, one of them will be eliminated. However, towards the end of the episode, it was revealed that the fate partner they had been looking for was completely unexpected.

2. Episode 336


Episode 336 is one of the special projects member’s week. However, it was different from the previous weeks. In this episode the members are made to guess member’s week whose property was held at that time.

At the beginning of the event, the members have been given a mission to obtain super powers that are useful in the main mission. However, arriving at the final mission, namely the mission best of the best matchthere is no member who claims to be the main star in member’s week this.

Until finally, an unexpected member appeared and eliminated them. Who do you think the members are Running Man owner member’s week episode 336 familiar with missions best of the best match?

3. Episode 364


Carrying the concept of horror, the members Running Man will be doing an MT in this episode. At first, the MT activities were fun, until they received a call from the class leader asking how the six MT participants were doing. There were eight of them in total. That means two of them are ghosts.

After going on a mission to get clues about the two ghosts, they find plot twist others about their identities. Surely this episode will make you gawk a few times!

4. Episode 372


This time Running Man held a competition, in which the losing member would be given the penalty of accompanying Lee Kwang Soo to the crocodile enclosure on the halfway tour.

Like the main star in this episode, Lee Kwang Soo presented a video with two secret assistants whose identities were unknown. Member Running Man the others were also two guest stars who were present, namely Shin Sung Rok and A Pink’s Bo Mi were given a mission to find the identities of the two assistants.

Various clues are given to reveal the identity of the assistant. They began to suspect each other. However, to their surprise, the assistants they were looking for were actually not the ones in the video. There was one person who managed to disguise himself throughout the mission so as to avoid suspicion.

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5. Episode 411


This episode begins with the theft of Kim Jong Kook’s shoes by someone who has a grudge against him. Of course the thief is among the members Running Man another.

To catch the thief, they have to go through several missions first, where in each mission they succeed there will be clues in the form of pieces of the thief’s limbs.

Initially, Ji Seok Jin and Jeon So Min were suspected of being the ones who stole Kim Jong Kook’s shoes. Over time the clues they got made them even more confused because the pictures they saw actually referred to each member.

6. Episode 453


In episode 453, the members Running Man return to the role of a family who will visit their grandparents’ house to get an inheritance. Arriving there, the grandfather even mentioned that their grandchildren only numbered five, not eight. As a result, they go on a mission to find three fake grandchildren who are disguised among them.

It looks easy, but this mission changes when Kwang Soo finds a clue in the form of an old photo in one of the bedrooms. In the photo there are portraits of their grandparents, as well as their grandchildren, which turns out to be seven, not five. So who exactly is hiding their identity?

7. Episode 463


Horror movie stars Metamorphosisnamely Sung Dong Il, Bae Seong Woo, Kim Hye Jun, and Cho Yi Hyun were present at Running Man episode 463. Like the plot of the movie they starred in, this time Running Man also carries the concept of horror.

It is said that there are three gods disguised among humans. One of them is the god Hades who intends to rule the earth. Meanwhile, two other gods are trying to capture Hades and send him to hell.

The identities of the two protagonist gods, namely Zeus and Posseidon, were first shown to the audience. Meanwhile, the member who plays Hades will succeed in making us gape, you know. It was as if the viewers’ guesses throughout the episode regarding this god were proven wrong.

8. Episodes 483-484


Starring a line of Korean celebrities, such as Kang Tae Oh, Heo Kyeong Hwan, Yoyomi, and Hyo Seong, Running Man organized an event entitled “Ggannes Film Festival 2019”. This event was also held lively where the members dressed up like popular figures in various movie titles.

Until finally, they were given a mission to find two directors who disguised themselves as actors and joined the event. And as usual, Running Man back slipped a plot twist astonishing.

When one of the directors was caught in court, it was revealed that his real identity was the actor who acted as the director. That means, there are two members who think they are the director, but they are not. They also have to find the real director soon.

At the moment, Running Man has aired nearly 600 episodes. The program airs every Sunday at 4:25 p.m. KST on SBS television.

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