8 Ways to Get Blessing Magic Chess 2022

How to Get Blessing Magic Chess – Now the Magic Chess mode is even more fun to play after Moonton as a Mobile Legends game developer upgrades and adds a feature called Blessing.

By using the Blessing feature, the heroes you play in Magic Chess will be stronger and can show their best potential. However, not all Magic Chess players know the Blessing function and how to get Blessing Magic Chess.

The Blessing feature can provide additional Synergy or add random hero stars. Players can get Blessing, but Blessing you will get randomly. Then how to get Blessing Magic Chess?.

To make it easier for Magic Chess game lovers, this time Ulingame will share some information about how to get Blessing Magic Chess along with an explanation and the types of Blessing in Magic Chess below.

What is Blessing Magic Chess

What is Blessing Magic Chess

Since Moonton made a massive update to the Arcade Magic Chess mode in Mobile Legends, there is now an additional feature called Blessing. With the Blessing feature, playing Magic Chess mode games in Mobile Legends is even more fun to play.

When an MC player upgrades one of the heroes to a level above it, for example level 2 or level 3, the hero that you upgrade will get the Blessing effect.

Now for players who don’t know what Blessing means, Blessing is a special effect that players can activate and can provide various benefits for its users.

Various advantages that players will get when activating Blessing are able to increase Damage, Attack Speed, stronger Defense, Increase Stars and many more benefits that you can get.

Magic Chess players need to know, from several types of Blessing, each synergy will get different benefits. With these features, it will certainly help you make it easier to always win matches and quickly increase the tier rank you want in Arcade Magic Chess mode.

How to Get Blessing Magic Chess

How to get Blessing in the MC mode game in Mobile Legends, players must upgrade the level of a hero who previously didn’t have a level, must be made to level 2 or level 3. That way you can easily get Blessing randomly.

But you need to pay attention that you are not sure to get the Blessing effect after using this method, namely raising the hero level. Therefore, the hockey factor or a player’s luck is also very important in Magic Chess.

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Types of Blessing in Magic Chess

Types of Blessing Magic Ches

After knowing how to get Blessing in Magic Chess, you also need to know all the types of Blessing that Moonton has presented in the Arcade Magic Chess Mobile Legends mode. Here are the types of Blessing Magic Chess and their uses.

1. Blessing : Team Spirit – Swift

Adds Attack Speed ​​and reduces the Synergy cause of factions by at least 1 hero.

2. Blessing : Team Spirit – Wise

Increases Magic Defense and reduces the Synergy cause of at least 1 hero faction.

3. Blessing : Team Spirit – Firmness

Added Physical Defense and reduced faction Synergy triggers by at least 1 hero.

4. Blessing : Hero’s Behest – Striker

Increases Physical Attack and reduces Synergy triggers for at least 1 hero faction.

5. Blessing : Hero’s Behest – Refined

Added Mana Regen Speed ​​and decreased the Synergy cause of at least 1 hero faction.

6. Blessing : Hero’s Behest – Brilliance

Generates max HP and lowers the Synergy faction cause of at least 1 hero.

7. Blessing : Protostar Breakthrough

Increases 1 Star when the battle starts.

The final word

So much information that Ulingame can provide about How to get the latest Blessing Magic Chess. Hopefully the above method can help and make it easier for players to win matches when playing Magic Chess Mobile Legends.