9 Best Indonesian Subtitle Download Sites [Drama Korea & Jepang]

BantenDay.co.id – Download Indonesian subtitles can be done with various sites that provide these services. In general, subtitles are required for films outside Indonesia that have a foreign language. Not only those who speak English, but can be Korean, German and other languages. The presence of a translator makes it easy for us to watch movies from downloads and also through streaming. Just imagine if they weren’t there, it certainly wouldn’t be as easy as it is now to watch a new box office film or a rising drama.

Films in foreign languages ​​by default do not have Indonesian subtitles. Even though the film was launched for various countries, unfortunately they did not provide the subtitle feature. For this reason, many people look for Indonesian subtitle download sites when they want to watch films that have not been released on national television.

If you often look for Indonesian subtitles, you must be familiar with the name EveryAgent, Akatsuki Coin and also Handsome Bee (formerly with the nickname Bee Ndut). Even if the new movie currently showing in theaters is one of the best, you’re bound to find them in the top names on certain sites. We should be grateful to those who provide free indo sub that can be enjoyed until now.

Free Indonesian Subtitle Download Sites

Not everyone understands English and other foreign languages ​​that are used as the language of the film being shown. Generally, the language of the film is adapted to the country of origin of the film. For example, for Hollywood films that use English, Bollywood films that use Indian languages, etc.

Some streaming film provider sites have actually embedded Indonesian subtitles into uploaded films. However, please note, the site in question is a local Indonesian website. So if you download or stream movies from outside, you will never get an indo sub that blends with the film. The solution, you have to download the subtitles of the film separately. The following are recommendations for several sites that provide free indo sub download services!

Subscene (Best Indonesian Subtitle Download Site)

Anyone who doesn’t know this one free subtitle download site? This means that you are still relatively new to the world of cinema. The reason is, this one site is already known to many lovers of downloading the latest films that have not been aired on local television. The names of the translators above are the best on the site Subscene.com.


Although not as good as Subscene, presence Elsubtitle.com can be an alternative for those of you who want to download Indonesian sub. Especially if at that time, the sub you want is still not available on several well-known sites.

Download Indonesian subtitles YiFY

Download the next SRT format subtitle, namely YiFY. On this site, you will not only find Indonesian subtitles, but almost all countries. Interestingly, you can see the trailer of the film with the sub. In addition, there are several reviews from previous viewers who gave their respective satisfaction scores after watching the film. if you want to try, please visit the subtitle download link https://yts-subs.net.


At a glance when you visit the website https://opensubtitle.info, you will be presented with a user interface that is friendly and easy to understand. In addition, there is also a rating from IMDB for each of the existing films. So you can reconsider whether it is worth the rating given by IMDB.

Island Fansubs

Are you crazy about Korean dramas and other series from Asia? It looks like it’s perfect if you’re looking for sub indo through the site islandssubs.com. Unlike other sites that provide films from various countries, Island Fansubs only provides downloads of Indonesian subtitles for Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and other Asian films. However, there are advantages to this incompleteness, namely, this website is specifically for beloved Indonesia.


The next Indonesian subtitle download site is issubtitles.org. In terms of appearance, nothing stands out, but you can make it an alternative because the sub database provided is quite complete. Starting from Box Office movies, Bollywood to TV series.

Podnapisi, a place to download Indonesian subtitles

If you want to find a site to download Indonesian subtitles for films, Podnapisi.Net worth trying. A simple display that is easy to understand and the latest sub updates every day is the reason for many ‘subtitle hunters’ to use it. If you have trouble finding the sub film in question, you can use the search feature in the top menu.


Try opening the site https://subdl.com/subtitle.php, you will be treated to a simple display and seem very easy to use. It’s not just the impression it turns out, that’s how it is, Subdl provides easy access for its users. In addition, you are given the latest subtitle updates on the main page. So you can easily find the desired subtitles if the film is still relatively new. For example, to download how to train your dragon 3 Indonesian subtitles.


Indonesian Data and File Library, which stands for IDFL, which is the residence of the best translator from Indonesia. Interestingly, you not only get free subtitles, but you can also share experiences with other fellow hobbies. this is because IDFL is a public forum that discusses various important things in the internet world.

Suggestions and Closing

Have you found the best Indonesian subtitle download site? If not, then BantenDay.co.id strongly recommends using the first site in the lineup, namely subscene. The reason? Not because it always updates the latest sub and it’s also easy to get it without a complicated process.