9 Types of Satay Typical Angkringan Most Often Found

Angkringan is one of local wisdom as well street food Legendary Indonesian. Usually angkringan is easiest to find on the side of the road, especially in the Yogyakarta and Central Java areas.

In this place, food is not only sold at popular prices, but also becomes a means of gathering as well as an opportunity to exchange ideas. Cat rice, fried food, joss coffee, and STMJ (milk, eggs, honey, ginger) are icons of typical angkringan food.

However, there is one thing that should not be missed, namely various satays or sundukan. Named header because bow in Javanese it means skewer, where the satay is served by being stabbed, right?

This food is often found in angkringan either as a companion to eat cat rice or as a snack. Here are some of the most common types of satay from angkringan. What’s up, huh? Listen together, come on!

1. Intestinal satay

9 Types of Sate Typical Angkringan Most Often Found, Your Favorite? intestine satay. (instagram.com/lina_liem10)

We often encounter intestinal satay as a companion to eating Soto. However, we can also find intestinal satay at angkringan, you know.

Some are savory, sweet or spicy. However, intestine satay in angkringan can taste so tasty and also not fishy at all.

This lies in the key to processing the intestines before cooking, where the intestines are cleaned until they are completely clean and then pierced using a skewer and then cooked with bay leaves when boiling.

Bacem seasoning is often the most commonly found variant of the angkringan intestine satay seasoning. Later the seasoning will seep into the skewer though, you know, and the intestine satay will have a sweet taste.

2. Quail egg satay

9 Types of Sate Typical Angkringan Most Often Found, Your Favorite? quail egg satay. (instagram.com/byviszaj)

Just like intestine satay, quail egg satay is also seasoned with bacem. The bacem seasoning used is quite simple, how come it only uses onion, garlic, coriander and also mashed salt.

In contrast to making intestine satay, which is cooked with the skewer, quail egg satay is boiled without a puncture at all. The quail egg satay is said to be cooked and ready to be served with a skewer if the entire surface is brown.

Soaking it in the bacem seasoning or cooking it for a long time can make the quail eggs darken a bit and produce a chewy texture.

There are those who like quail egg satay with this appearance and texture, but not a few who like quail egg satay with a soft and brownish texture. Which one do you like?

3. Scallop satay

9 Types of Sate Typical Angkringan Most Often Found, Your Favorite? scallop satay. (instagram.com/satesurabayaenak)

Although not from Central Java or Yogyakarta, shellfish satay is quite often found in angkringan, you know. This satay comes from the Sidoarjo area, East Java.

Almost the same as most satay in other angkringan, clam satay is processed by boiling and then grilling. The types of shells that are most often used to make this satay are green mussels or scallops.

It’s savory and addictive, you know. The spices used are also dominated by several aromatic spices such as lemongrass, lime leaves, cumin and galangal.

4. Chicken head satay

9 Types of Sate Typical Angkringan Most Often Found, Your Favorite? chicken head satay. (instagram.com/angkringan69asix)

Chicken is one of the easiest foods to cook and process. Almost the same as a coconut tree, all parts of which are useful for humans, as well as chickens.

In addition to meat and offal, chicken heads are also often processed into dishes. One of them is satay, which is often served at angkringan.

Although some people are reluctant to enjoy it much too, you know who like chicken heads. Seasoned with bacem seasoning, the sweet taste dominates this dish.

Although it’s delicious to eat just like that, there are some angkringan that burn it before you eat it. In which way do you prefer to enjoy chicken head satay at angkringan?

5. Chicken claw satay

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9 Types of Sate Typical Angkringan Most Often Found, Your Favorite? chicken claw satay. (instagram.com/angkringanartomoro8)

Just like chicken head satay, chicken claw satay is no less popular. This satay is most often found with various other satays in angkringan.

The sensation of biting and skinning chicken claws is a special pleasure for those who like it. The suppleness of the skin that covers the claws while occasionally sipping the sweet spices makes the sensation of eating the most delicious unforgettable.

Until sometimes, it’s so much fun that we don’t realize how much chicken claw satay we’ve taken. If you often forget like that, don’t you?

Eitseven so keep in mind how many claws you eat, yes and don’t forget to pay.

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6. Satay offal

9 Types of Sate Typical Angkringan Most Often Found, Your Favorite? innards satay. (instagram.com/nasgorbusri)

Although the intestines are also included in offal, only the offal satay referred to here includes liver, gizzard, and also the heart. Just like other satays, offal satay is cut into smaller pieces and then stabbed using the satay.

How to make satay offal is also fairly simple. The offal is boiled with garlic and salt seasoning and then cut into pieces. Then cooked with bacem seasoning then stabbed with a new skewer served.

Like other satays, not all angkringan sellers make their own, you know. There are people who deposit their wares to angkringan, one of which is this offal satay.

7. Kikil satay

9 Types of Sate Typical Angkringan Most Often Found, Your Favorite? kikil satay. (instagram.com/satesurabayaenak)

Kikil comes from beef legs, besides being delicious to make soup, gravel is also delicious processed as satay. Although not all angkringan serve kikil satay, this satay is no less delicious to try, you know.

To produce gravel that is odorless and soft, you must boil it first and add bay leaves. Bay leaves can help the smell of the gravel disappear. Then the gravel is cut into small squares and then cooked with bacem spices.

The longer you boil it with the bacem seasoning, the more the spices will absorb. Take it easy and don’t worry the gravel will be damaged in texture, the gravel will still be chewy, really. Only then pierce the gravel with a skewer.

8. Grilled meatball satay

9 Types of Sate Typical Angkringan Most Often Found, Your Favorite? meatball satay. (instagram.com/regunancha)

There are two types of grilled meatball satay that are often found in angkringan. The first one that has been seasoned sweet or spicy and the second one that has not been seasoned anything.

When the satay has been seasoned, we can eat it directly or ask the seller to burn it. Meanwhile, those that have not been seasoned with anything will have to be burned first using soy sauce, as we often eat on New Year’s Eve.

Both are equally delicious and favorite, really. It’s just about the presentation before we consume, each angkringan has its own style.

9. Sate frozen food

9 Types of Sate Typical Angkringan Most Often Found, Your Favorite? frozen food satay. (instagram.com/angkringan_sendokmelintir)

For larger, modern and contemporary angkringan usually provide a variety of satay frozen food. Usually satay frozen food which are often found include sausages, corned beef, crabstick, twister, chikuwa, shrimpball, tempura, fishball, lobster ball, nuggets, cheese dumpling until salmon balls.

Some serve it whole while others cut it into smaller pieces. Similar to grilled meatball satay, satay frozen food will be coated with margarine and then smeared with soy sauce. Of several types of satay frozen food above, is there one that you like the most?

It’s also quite diverse, yes, the type of satay typical of angkringan that we often encounter. From the list above, which is your favorite angkringan satay?

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