9 Ways to Change Apex Legends Mobile Name & 2022 Hockey Name

How to Change Apex Legends Mobile Name – Every online game player certainly has the desire to change their name or nickname because the previous name was not good or did not make the users hockey when playing Apex Legends Mobile.

As gamers already know, the Apex Legends Mobile game has recently been released and only a few countries can play Apex Legends Mobile. Therefore, there are still many players who don’t know how to rename Apex Legends.

For novice players in Apex Legends Mobile or those who have been playing this game since the beginning of the release, they want to know how to change the name of Apex Legends Mobile because they are bored or use the wrong name.

You don’t need to worry, because on this occasion Ulingame will share a complete way to change your Apex Legends Mobile name easily and recommendations for cool names that you can use for free below.

How to Change Apex Legends Mobile Name

For Apex Legends Mobile game players who don’t know how to change the name of Apex Legends Mobile, below is a complete summary of Ulingame that you can apply to find out how to change it.

1. Open the Apex Legends App

The first step you have to do is please open and run the Apex Legends Mobile application through the mobile device that you are using.

Select Profile

After successfully entering the Apex Legends Mobile game lobby, please press the Profile menu in the upper left corner.

3. Press the Pencil Icon

Choose the Pencil Icon How to Change Apex Legends Mobile Name

On the Apex Legends Mobile account profile page, please select the Pencil icon at the top right.

4. Select Rename

Click Rename

Then proceed by pressing the Rename button.

5. Enter Name / Nickname

Enter New Name 1

The next step, players are asked to enter COOL NAME or a new Nickname. Now for players who want to change the name of Apex Legends, but haven’t found a cool name, you can visit the article that Ulingame previously discussed Cool names and COUPLE.

6. Press OK Button

Please press OK

If you have entered a name, please press OK.

7. Done

How to change the Apex Legends Mobile nickname has been successful, players can relog or re-login first so that the changed nickname can be read by friends.


Buy Apex Legends Mobile Rename Card

Apex Legends Mobile gamers need to know, before applying the method to change the nickname above. It would be nice for you to first check if your Apex Legends Mobile account already has an ID Card Change Nickname or not. If you don’t have this item, you can buy it through the Store or Store for 299 SG.

Cool, Unique & Hockey Names

  • Outlaws
  • Paracetamol
  • Phoenix
  • Pirates
  • Pumpkin Crush
  • Red Code
  • Red Flag
  • Royal
  • Shield
  • Sleeping Knight
  • Sniper
  • Soul Army
  • Stallions
  • Flashlight
  • Greenland Pro
  • Grim Reaper
  • Hard Cyclone
  • Hydra
  • Star Hunters
  • Stealth Fighters
  • Storm Bringers
  • Stromy
  • OᴄᴇᴀɴEʏᴇs.’
  • kïllér
  • AshTzy
  • Your father Tzy.
  • BlackTzy
  • ClarkTzy
  • CrayTzy
  • DTᴢʏ
  • FlapTzy?
  • Flexzy
  • GanzTzy`
  • Good☔ᵀᶻʸ
  • GzTzy亗
  • ᴀ • Tzy
  • CASELA•ᵀᶻᵞ
  • KenTzy
  • +62 SORRY NOOB
  • +62 Sorry Knock
  • +62 S antuy
  • +62 YES KNOCK
  • +62
  • +62◆ CAPTAIN

The final word

That’s the discussion from Ulingame about how to easily change the name of Apex Legends Mobile which you can apply when you want to change your nickname. Hopefully the above information can help gamers of the Apex Legends Mobile game. Thank you and see you in the next article about updated online and offline game information.