A collection of games that are similar to Minecraft and the download link

Similar Games Minecraft – Games are one of the media to deal with stress that has been piling up for a long time, causing many health problems in our bodies, just by playing games this can be lost without the need for expensive treatment to a doctor.

By playing games, we also become more enjoy filling our free time but we need to remember that playing the game is not excessive and takes up our daily time.

Even now Pro Gamer has become one of the high paying jobs, you can earn a lot of money from being a Pro Gamer.

In fact, according to several institutions, pro gamers are one of the jobs that many teenagers aspire to today, because only playing games, which in fact is a hobby, gets very high pay.

Even the pay of Pro Gamers exceeds the current civil servants.

In this article we will not discuss how to become a Pro Gamer, but we will discuss about one of the games with the highest number of players today, namely Minecraft.

Minecraft Game is the game with the most videos watched on Youtube, beating many competing games such as PUBG, COD, Fortnite, FF and all other types of games.

For that this time we will give you some Game references that are similar to Minecraft both in terms of graphics to the gameplay which is very similar to Minecraft.

For those of you who are curious about games similar to Minecraft, here are some games that are similar to the Minecraft game.

Collection of the Most Similar Games to Minecraft

Minecraft Similar Games

1. Hytale

The first game that is most similar to Minecraft is Hytale, starting from the appearance, blocks, gameplay, levels, biomes, to the creatures in the world or commonly called NPCs.

The developer of Hytale Hytale is Hypixel Studios, a business unit of Hypixel Inc that owns the Hypixel Minecraft server, but Hypixel Inc has been acquired by Riot Game, the largest game development company in America that makes Game Leage OF Legends and also Valorant.

Hytale is still getting a lot of development until now, Hytale can be said as Minecraft in a duel version or two-player battle.

2. Space Engineers

In Space Engineers allows each player to build their own world in outer space, from designing planes, building space stations as closely and realistically as possible.

So it can be said that Space Engineers is a version of Minecraft in outer space but has the same gameplay, namely assembling and building.

3. Boundless

The third game that has similarities to Minecraft is a game called Boundless which has the same gameplay as Minecraft.

Boundless is a game developed by Wonderstruck Games claiming that they did imitate Minecraft when they made Boundless.

Boundless allows players to create their own character or avatar and then adventure and build a civilization on a new planet that bears similarities to the Gameplay of Minecraft.

4. Roblox

The next game that has similarities to Minecraft is Roblox, but in fact Roblox is an old game that was released earlier than Minecraft, Roblox was first released in 2006.

But popular since Minecraft was launched and became popular then Roblox followed that popularity, because that’s why many think that Roblox is a game that imitates Minecraft.

Roblox currently has 164 million active players, with the average players being teenagers and children under the age of 16.

5. Terraria

The next game that is similar to Minecraft is Terreria which is one of the old games, Terreria was first released in 2011.

The gameplay of Terreria is very similar to Minscraft where every player is required to build and craft but the difference is that in Terraria the graphics are still 2D.

6. Stardew Valley

Some say Stardew Valley is a feminine version of Minecraft for girls.

In this game the player must turn a farm into a successful business. To do so, they must look for resources, items, to fight monsters.

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much freedom in this game because it’s not a Sandbox. Similar to a combination of Minecraft, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing.

7. No Man’s Sky

At first, No Man’s Sky was known as a space simulation.

In fact, it’s visually very different from Minecraft. But, furthermore, the user has to constantly search for resources and create something. Then, they can build a base, exchange items, and become farmers.

There are Creative and Survival modes like Minecraft. It is said that No Man’s Sky is the biggest Sandbox where players can do whatever they want.

8. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds has some affinity for Minecraft in that players can build things, discover new items, explore different biomes, and uncover secrets. There is a co-op mode to play together.


Those were some games that are similar to Minecraft and also the full explanation that we can give you.

If there are shortcomings, criticisms, and suggestions that you want to convey, you can fill them in the comments column below.

Hopefully useful and thank you for reading this article.