A collection of very scary and scary games, click here!

Have you ever played one of those games that was so terrible that you didn’t want to play it again? If you haven’t, you really have to try it once in a while because it can test your adrenaline and feel an unforgettable horror sensation. This collection of games will provide a different playing experience and may make your heart and mind racing because you feel the horror.

There are many terrible games that you can try one by one and you can play alone or with your friends. This game is not only about ghosts or spirits, but there are also many psychopathic genres that will give you goosebumps and ringing in your ears. The game that we recommend is arguably very terrible and for those of you who have a history of illness or are underage, it is recommended not to play it.

If you are interested and curious about these very terrible games, we have summarized them and you can download them to play. Make sure you are mentally prepared and read the game description first so you can find out what kind of game you are going to play, check it out !

A collection of very scary and scary games

A collection of very terrible games

Horror games will indeed provide a challenge for yourself, especially if you see movie reviews on Youtube, of course you really want to play it too. We will provide game references on Playstation that you can play on PC because the graphics will be more realistic and real. Here is the game’s most terrible version of our site!

1. Game Dead Space 2

This game was developed by Visceral Games in 2011 and can be played on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360, this game is a science fiction game published by Electronic Arts. The most terrible part of this game is the eye poke machine that can kill you at any time, this machine has a shape like a Nontech diagnostic MRI machine that will inject a sharp needle into your eye and access secret information in the brain.

The problem is, you will be a character named Isaac Clarke and have to calm him down when the needle starts to get closer to the eye. If you can’t control yourself from that fear then the needle will go wrong and ready to rip your eyeballs so this is a scary phase because the machine will really give you goosebumps!

2. Game Amnesia (The Dark Descent)

You could say this game is quite popular and is played by various Youtubers in the world such as PewDiePie, this game which was released in 2016 will provide an unforgettable jump scare experience. You will play as Daniel and face various terrible monsters that are invisible, especially the water monster that will suddenly eat you, namely Kaernk.

This game will be decorated with moans and water bursts indicating you should stay away from a watery environment because if you are not alert, Kaernk will surprise you and attack mercilessly. No wonder this game is included in the list of very terrible games, especially when played at night and alone!

3. Game Playable Trailer or PT

Have you ever heard of the Silent Hills game which reportedly failed to release, this game turned out to be reworked by Konami and Kojima Productions who collaborated with various parties and produced a game that was enough to test your mental and psychic, namely Playable Trailer or PT. Even though this game has been withdrawn from circulation for some reason but still provides tremendous horror and terror.

You will face a ghost named Lisa who has always been behind you with a pretty scary appearance. You’ll explore dark, swirling areas, you’ll also find something as disgusting as a fetus in the sink. Lisa would continue to interrupt in the silence and emerge when she heard broken glass above and boom… She’s there!

4. Resident Evil 7

Did you know that Resident Evil 7 has been released and you will meet many terrible jumpscares in this game, Resident Evil does provide something different from time to time. You will be taken to a very large house on the edge of a remote forest and river, namely the home of the Baker family who is in fact insane due to being infected with a biological weapon named Eveline.

Playing as Ethan Winters to find his wife, Mia, who is being held captive in the house, you will be made to run and run from the terror and mutations of the Baker family that will prey on and kill you at any time. The head of the Baker family is the most powerful enemy and is difficult to deal with because it has turned into a monster like Mr. X like Resident Evil 2. Get ready to be bathed in blood and pieces of flesh and corpses!

Finally, those are some references to a collection of very terrible games that you can play, are you really brave and can face everything alone? Hopefully this article can be useful and don’t forget to share if it is also useful for others. See you in our next article!