A Collection of Viral TikTok Pop Songs That Many People Are Looking For!

Pop Viral TikTok – Currently, Tik tok is not only a social media that presents viral videos, but also tiktok is an application that is used by musicians as a media to promote their newly released songs. So far, there are a lot of songs that were originally used as sound in Tiktok videos and eventually went viral and became known by many people around the world.

Not only newly released songs can go viral among netizens, but also songs that have been created for a long time can go viral again because they are used as sound by tiktok users. Usually, the old song will go viral again and be covered by many musicians so that it is in great demand by netizens.

There are various genres of songs that are used as sound in Tiktok videos and usually become a trend that is attached to a video concept on Tiktok. When a song or sound goes viral on Tiktok, it is certain that the creators will also benefit from the cover from the singers who remake the song.

Well, in this edition of the article, we will discuss a collection of Tiktok viral pop songs that are currently trending and are widely used by netizens that you can use as your tiktok sound video.

By using this sound, the Tiktok video that you make has the potential to enter the FYP page. For those of you who are curious and are looking for the right Tiktok sound for your video, then you must listen to this article until it’s finished.

A collection of viral Tiktok pop songs that are trending on the FYP page

TikTok Viral Pop

Tiktok’s viral pop songs that are currently trending turn out to be good to listen to everyday in the midst of your busy activities. Here are some viral pop song titles on Tiktok that you can listen to to fill your spare time.

1. Stay (The Kid LAROI ft. Justin Bieber)

The first song comes from a song sung by The Kid LAROI with Justin Bieber entitled Stay. This stay song includes the latest song released around July 2021 yesterday. This stay song is often used as a Tiktok sound for travel content videos or content that describes having fun with friends. In addition, you can also listen to this Stay song for your entertainment when you relax.

2. Build a B**ch (Bella Porch)

The next viral tiktok pop song is the song built ab**ch which is sung by Bella Porch who is one of the tiktokers who is very well known for its good and interesting lipsing content. He decided to release his first single in May 2021. This song is widely used by tiktok users to this day and has made it viral until this song has reached 4.2 million uses.

3. Overcast Tanpo Udan (Ndarboy Genk)

Many songs performed by singers from Indonesia have been able to go viral on Tiktok social media. One of them is a song with the title Mendung Tanpo Udan performed by a band from Indonesia, namely Ndarboy Genk.

This song does look simple, but in the hands of tiktok content creators, this song can be used for very interesting and unique content. Besides being used as a Tiktok sound, you can also listen to the song Mendung Tanpo Udan to fill your spare time when you feel bored.

4. Know Me Too Well (New Hope Club ft. Danna Paola)

This one song is still popular today and is widely used by tiktok users as sound even though the song is quite old which was released in 2019.

There are still many other viral tiktok pop songs that you can find in the application, you can also search for them on various music platforms such as spotify, Joox and YouTube to listen to them.

Well, that’s the discussion about the viral pop song Tiktok, the information for which we have presented especially for you. Hopefully this information can be useful and can be a reference for those of you who are looking for viral songs on Tiktok for sound in your videos.