About the Discourse of Duet with Airin, Sahroni: Just an Introduction

Jakarta, IDN Times – The treasurer of the DPP of the National Democratic Party, Ahmad Sahroni, finally opened up about his duet discourse with the former Mayor of South Tangerang, Airin Rachmi Diani, for the Jakarta gubernatorial election in 2024.

According to Sahroni, his meeting at the NasDem Tower was just an introduction. He admitted that he still needed a more intense approach.

“This is still an introduction and requires an approach. It’s like if you already know you’re dating,” said Sahroni in Jakarta as quoted by the news agency. AMONGFriday (11/3/2022).

He explained that currently the NasDem Party was asked to focus on establishing intense communication and introductions with Airin and the Golkar Party. From there, they can only move to the next stage.

This is because, if the seats belonging to NasDem and Golkar are combined in the DKI Jakarta DPRD, there are only 13. The two political parties must form a coalition with other parties to gain 22 more seats.

“Meanwhile, we ‘dated’ first for a deeper level. After that, we discussed with the other brothers and sisters,” said the man who also sits in the DPR as Deputy Chairman of Commission III.

Has Sahroni got the blessing of the chairman of the NasDem Party, Surya Paloh, to run in the DKI Jakarta gubernatorial election in 2024?

1. The signal for Airin-Sahroni to be duet has been delivered by Airlangga Hartarto

'matched' with Airin for the Jakarta gubernatorial election, Sahroni: New acquaintanceChairman of the National Democratic Party, Surya Paloh (right in blue coat) meets Chairman of the Golkar Party Airlangga Hartarto (yellow batik shirt) at the NasDem Tower on Thursday, March 10, 2022 (www.instagram.com/@airlanggahartarto.official)

Meanwhile, the idea of ​​a duet between Sahroni and Airin was thrown for the first time by the General Chairperson of the Golkar Party, Airlangga Hartarto, when he visited the NasDem DPP office on Thursday, March 10, 2022.

During the meeting, Airlangga seemed to signal that in the 2024 DKI Jakarta gubernatorial election, the two presidents agreed to carry Ahmad Sahroni and Airin Rachmy Diani.

Ahmad Sahroni is the General Treasurer of the NasDem Party and Deputy Chairman of Commission III of the DPR. Meanwhile, Airin is a former Mayor of South Tangerang. In yesterday’s meeting, both Sahroni and Airin were seen attending.

“We saw that Mrs. Airin and Mr. Sahroni were also present here. Where the discussion was not only about macro, but also micro-details,” said Airlangga in a meeting on Thursday yesterday.

Previously, Airin and Sahroni had long heard rumors that they would run in the 2024 DKI Jakarta Pilkada. Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Gerindra Party DPD, Muhammad Taufik, once mentioned that there are a number of names that have the potential to replace Anies Baswedan as Governor of DKI Jakarta.

He mentioned four names, namely Anies, Ahmad Riza Patria, Investment Minister/Head of BKPM Bahlil Lahadalia, and Airin Rachmy Diani. Furthermore, Taufik said in early January 2022 that the involvement of young people is needed to take care of Jakarta.

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“Jakarta needs a visionary figure related to the change in Jakarta’s status as the capital city, what will he do,” Taufik told the media last January 4.

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2. Airlangga invites Sahroni-Airin to announce their candidacy later

'matched' with Airin for the Jakarta gubernatorial election, Sahroni: New acquaintanceChairman of the NasDem Faction of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Wibi Andrianto and Deputy Chair of Commission III of the Indonesian House of Representatives/NasDem General Treasurer, Sahroni (doc. IDN Times/Special)

When confirmed by the media, Airlangga did not explicitly say that Sahroni and Airin would advance to become cagub and cawagub Jakarta. The man, who also serves as Coordinating Minister for the Economy, fully handed over the announcement to Sahroni and Airin.

“So, if Mr. Sahroni and Mrs. Airin, we invite Mr. Sahroni and Mrs. Airin to speak first at a later time. Not on Thursday afternoon,” said Airlangga.

Previously, the chairman of the NasDem Party faction in the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Wibi Andrino, said the party he belongs to is likely to encourage Ahmad Sahroni to run in the 2024 Pilkada. According to Wibi, Sahroni has high capability and electability in Jakarta.

“We from DKI Jakarta consider the figure of Ahmad Sahroni as one of the cadres who has high electoral and capability in Jakarta,” Wibi said on January 4, 2022 to the media.

However, he could not confirm whether Sahroni would be proposed by acclamation by the NasDem Party as a candidate for governor of Jakarta. Wibi added that NasDem is still opening up opportunities for other cadres who also want to advance in the DKI Jakarta Pilkada.

3. The name of Jokowi’s son was also mentioned by PDIP to be promoted as cagub Jakarta

'matched' with Airin for the Jakarta gubernatorial election, Sahroni: New acquaintanceGibran Rakabuming Raka (ANTARA PHOTO/Mohammad Ayudha)

Meanwhile, no less excited about the presidential candidate, the position of the candidate for governor of Jakarta has also begun to be eyed by a number of parties. Although starting from 2024, Jakarta will no longer hold the status of the nation’s capital city.

One of the names often mentioned as having the chance to become Jakarta governor is the eldest son of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka. He is said to have been eyed by the PDI-P to be promoted as cagub for Jakarta in the 2024 regional election.

Secretary General of the PDI-P, Hasto Kristiyanto, said that Gibran, who is currently the mayor of Solo, has the opportunity to follow in his father’s footsteps and move to lead the capital.

“Mas Gibran, he has been elected as Mayor of Solo, of course, he must also prove how Mas Gibran’s leadership is so that ideological leadership that also prioritizes the culture of the archipelago, and is able to bring about systemic change,” said Hasto in early January 2022.

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