Advantages of AMD Ryzen from Several Sides – GOODGAME.ID

For cloud people (who are not very computer savvy), they will think that the best processor for all activities is an Intel processor. But in reality AMD processors are also no less good than Intel, one of the best series is AMD Ryzen.

Advantages of AMD Ryzen

It can be said if AMD Ryzen it was created to give competition to the Intel Core series processors. Not a few professional gamers who prefer this processor compared to Intel. Of course it’s not without reason, but because Ryzen has several advantages as follows.

  • Integrated With Radeon Vega

The advantage of the first Ryzen is the direct integration with the Radeon Vega series graphics card or VGA. Armed with the graphics, of course, this processor is able to handle various games with high graphics without any problems whatsoever.

Not only limited to gaming, this one processor also supports activities related to graphic design. This can be done, because Rayzen also supports the use of the latest graphics driver, namely DirectX 12.

Just like the Core series, Ryzen is available in three models or viarians, namely Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5, and Ryzen 3. For this Ryzen 7, it was created for gaming use and professional graphic design. So the price of this series is quite expensive in the market.

Then for Ryzen 5, it has decent performance and is aimed at the upper middle class market. And lastly for Ryzen 3, it is designed for basic computing needs. Please choose one of the Ryzen variants according to your needs.

  • Better Graphic Quality

You could say that AMD’s processors are known for their high graphics quality. Even when juxtaposed with Intel processors, most gamers prefer the graphical display presented by AMD processors. The images displayed, feel more alive and real.

Of course this can happen because the graphics capabilities of Ryzen have been improved by the Radeon Vega VGA. Radeon Vega itself, has been equipped with HDR and FreeSync 2.0 features. Even this processor also supports 4K video, so that high-resolution video playback still looks perfect.

  • Multitasking is more stable

According to research that has been done, the results show that Ryzen 7 has better multitasking capabilities when compared to Core i7. Surely this is an important aspect for people who have a lot of computing needs at the same time.

For example, when playing games while running the broadcaster application. The decrease in performance experienced on Core i7 can reach 18%. Unlike Ryzen 7, whose performance only decreased by 1%. Maybe this is a record that is difficult to break by other processors.

The last advantage and perhaps already an open secret, is that almost all AMD processors are cheaper than Intel for the same class and specifications. For comparison, the Ryzen 7 1800X on the market is priced at 499 dollars.

As for the Intel processor output in its class, namely the Core i7 6900K, it has a price tag of 1089 dollars. Surely the comparison of the price range of the two processors is quite far right? So it’s not surprising that many people tend to prefer AMD’s processors to Intel’s.

Even so, AMD itself does lose branding when compared to Intel. So don’t be surprised if there are still many people who prefer Intel, because they think Intel Core is much better than Intel AMD Ryzen.