After Mandiri, it’s M-Banking BCA’s Turn that Errors – Yesterday, Livin’ Mandiri collapsed on paydays, now it’s M-Banking BCA’s turn to make an error and get a complaint because it can’t be accessed.

This was the first time that netizens complained on Twitter social media on Wednesday afternoon (02/03/2022) who said that the transaction could not be processed temporarily.

Some users also cannot log into their respective accounts when trying to login to M-Banking BCA and also KlikBCA Web.

BCA Error?‘ asked one netizen.

Can’t login to my #KlikBCA account, is the server down? @Hello BCA,” wrote one netizen while mentioning the related party.


When accessed, the application will show BCA 205 and cannot display the menu as usual

“205 While the transaction cannot be processed, please try again in a few moments,” according to the notification on the BCA M-Banking application.

According to a statement from BCA through its official account, it said that currently there are problems with several BCA banking services.

“Sorry for the inconvenience Mr/Mrs Customer experienced. Regarding the problems with several BCA banking services, we apologize for the problems that occurred and the recovery and repair process is currently underway,” they wrote.

“This process is carried out in order to be able to provide more optimal banking services for customers,” he added when answering a complaint from one netizen.

This suddenly angered users who wanted to make transactions. Not a few also make the ‘fall’ of the M-Banking application as a sarcastic meme that is quite entertaining.

Until now, complaints continue to be submitted by BCA M-Banking users to related parties. Some asked the bank to immediately complete the repair because they had to make ‘urgent’ transactions in the application.