Ahead of the Duel vs Borneo, Persija Players Are Asked To Be Sure To Win

Jakarta, IDN Times – Persija coach, Sudirman, emphasized the Persija players to have the confidence to win. After achieving negative results in the previous three matches, he wants Persija to rise and win a duel-style match against Borneo FC.

The Kemayoran Tiger squad is scheduled to clash with Borneo FC in the match week 29 of Liga 1 2021/22. The two will fight to determine who is the best in the duel held at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Thursday (10/3/2022).

“I emphasize to players when they enter the field that they must always have faith to win the game. If we can’t win the game, we can’t lose. That is our target,” Sudirman said in a press conference session.

1. Persija players can’t make mistakes

Ahead of the Duel vs Borneo FC, Persija Asked to Have Confidence to WinPersija’s Marco Motta celebrates when his partner Marko SIMic scores a goal in the duel against Borneo FC which ended in a 3-2 victory for the hosts at SUGBK Stadium, Sunday (1/3). (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Aditya Pradana Putra/wsj).

Therefore, Sudirman again reminded his players to be able to perform optimally in the match against Borneo FC later. He didn’t want to eat Konate and his colleagues again made mistakes on the field. This could be fatal, because it could again make Persija fail to win.

“I also emphasize to the players not to make mistakes on the pitch. In the previous game, we made some mistakes and I want tomorrow’s game to be no more like that. So, the possibility of the opponent scoring a goal will be very small, “said the coach who is familiarly called the General Coach.

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2. Borneo FC is praised as a good team

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Ahead of the Duel vs Borneo FC, Persija Asked to Have Confidence to WinPersija Jakarta coach, Sudirman, during the online press conference session of the Menpora Cup semifinal pre-match on Saturday 17 April 2021. (Instagram.com/persija)

For the duel against Borneo FC, Sudirman made sure his team were ready to rise. The majority of Persija players have already made preparations for tomorrow’s match, although he did not deny that there are still some players who are not fit ahead of the match.

He had already analyzed the strength of his potential opponent. The hope is that the players who appear tomorrow can apply the desired playing scheme and can exploit the opponent’s weaknesses.

“Overall Borneo performed differently in the second round compared to the first round. Because they were trained by a very good coach, namely Fakhri Husaini there. I think Borneo is a compact team with a very good game organization. What is certain is that we also saw how Borneo played. I think tomorrow’s match will be exciting,” he explained.

3. Must win to be able to suppress teams in the top five of League 1

Ahead of the Duel vs Borneo FC, Persija Asked to Have Confidence to WinBhayangkara FC vs. Persija ended in a 2-2 draw in the 2020 Liga 1 continued match at PTIK Stadium, Jakarta, Saturday (14/3). (IDN Times/Ilyas Listianto Mujib).

Persija really have no other choice to be able to win the match in the match later. Even though their chances of getting into the top five of the Liga 1 standings are quite difficult, the players will still try to win every match, including against Borneo FC for The Jakmania.

Understandably, so far the Persija supporters have been furious with the inconsistencies shown by Persija this season. Despite making changes to the squad and changing coaches, there has been no visible change from Persija’s appearance.

So far, Persija are still stuck in seventh place in the Liga 1 standings with 38 points. They are left behind from Borneo FC, their potential opponent Persija is three points ahead in sixth place. However, Persija still have a chance to push into it, because they have a one-match advantage in the remaining matches this season.

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