Allegation of cheating on Mawar AFI, Mr. Mursani was kicked from Mr2ID

  • Share – Unexpectedly, Steno Ricardo turns out to be founder from Instagram account @bapak2idwho is known as Pak Mursani Throwing the Javelin.

Mr. Mursani throwing the javelin is suspected of having cheated on him when he was still the husband of Mawar Dhimas Febra Purwanti, also known as Mawar AFI.

Mr. Mursani Throwing Javelin was finally ‘kicked’ aka out of Ayah2ID after the official announcement from the account about 7 hours ago.

“Good afternoon residents, we hereby inform you that: Mr. Marsani Throwing Javelin is no longer a part of fathers ID,” write sir2ID.

Photo: Instagram @bapak2id

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Previously, the father2ID account had asked for opinions from his followers because Mr. Mursani Throwing the Javelin had made a riot of people, so many also suggested that Mr. Mursani be kicked from founder father2ID.

“Good morning, residents. The polls have been muted for the past few days. We are well aware that this has affected Mr. ID. But the other founders are still really enthusiastic about continuing our dreams. Ask for advice, residents. What should we do in the future, please? “ request the account.

One netizen suggested that this person be kicked.

“Kick Pak Munawir soon,” he wrote.

father2ID answered“Moon, I’m sorry, different people, but it’s natural to kick him. His skin is really dirty. It really tickles me.”

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There are also netizens who suggest Bapak2ID to change the logo because his name has been tainted.

“Change the logo, sir, so that Newborn really gets rid of negative history,” wrote another netizen.

father2ID answered“This is by chance already in the draft.”

Steno Ricardo was widely covered by the media after his ex-wife, Mawar AFI – the last name for AFI Indosiar graduate – made a big announcement on social media that Steno had an affair with a baby sitter.

AFI’s Rose statement on Instagram account @mysawar surprise the public. Mawar AFI’s confession actually appeared in the midst of Steno’s happiness that he had remarried with their former baby sitter.

“(Almost) 1 decade last With (almost) the same ‘problem’. Not once, his heart is divided..I silent, never talkI just believe, Humans will actually change…” he wrote.

AFI Roses (Photo: mysamawar)

Then, he added, “But maybe it’s them…Not mine, not mineOnly they change… He does not…

But enough of you work with your passion. You don’t need to hurt me with all your bullshit..

You can’t lie to those eyes-ears-hearts. They will see, who is playing with fire

Good night, The liars who hide behind a guise are named: Religion. How many more will you tell lies in the subtlety of speech that is full of fabrication..

Dance because tomorrow you will be one, Don’t have any regrets that you say later
Cause I swear, I’ll never care.. Even if your prostrations are covered in blood..

ak, here is an impromptu poem of mine, which I gave the title..‘I THOUGHT YOU WAS HOME, IT WAS A PUBLIC TOILET’ Hope it’s entertaining.”

Mawar AFI and Steno’s divorce has gone viral on social media. Plus the circulation of photos of Steno’s wedding and his ex baby sitter their children, Susi, on Monday (21/2/2022).

In fact, Mawar AFI and Steno just divorced on January 11, 2022 after having been married for almost 10 years.

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