Already Know the Best Types of Masks to Prevent Omicron? These are Expert Recommendations You Can Choose – As the Covid-19 Omicron variant spreads, the public is again required to be disciplined in carrying out health protocols. The use of masks, which had begun to be neglected, was again encouraged, so that it could help prevent its spread. But did you know that there are the best types of masks to prevent Omicron?

The Best Masks to Prevent Omicron

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which was released on January 14, the best masks that can be used are the N95 masks. If used properly, these masks can filter up to 95% of airborne particles.

The material of this N95 mask is comfortable to use and effectively filters the inhaled air. Consisting of a small fiber net filled with electrostatic energy, this mask can actually inhibit airborne viruses from entering the respiratory tract.

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Another type of mask that can also be the best option is KN95. actually this mask has similar specifications to the N95, only that it is produced in a different place and from a different manufacturer, so it has a different name.

As an alternative you can use a KF94 mask, which can filter up to 94% of inhaled air particles so that it can provide almost the same protection. This mask is made in South Korea, and is also recommended for use against Omicron.

N95 Mask [shutterstock]
N95 Mask [shutterstock]

The difference with cloth masks

Of course, if we talk about the difference, it is quite clear from the materials used in making this mask. N95 masks and the like are made by utilizing melted plastic fibers that are very small in size, so they can filter air particles that are also small in size.

In cloth masks, the fabric fibers used tend to be large so that air particles or viruses that are smaller in size can still escape. This is why in maximizing protection against Omicron variants, N95 masks and the like are recommended, so that virus particles can be inhibited when they are inhaled.

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Although the best type of mask to prevent Omicron is the N95 mask, that doesn’t mean other masks don’t have protection against this virus. Cloth masks or surgical masks still provide protection against the Covid-19 virus, only when viewed from the degree of protection, N95 masks do provide the best protection for these technical reasons.