Already Using Tubeless Tires, How Can You Still Leak With Nails?

Jakarta, IDN Times – There are currently two types of motorcycle tires, namely: tubeless and also tubetype. Tires with type tubeless means no longer wearing inner tubes, meanwhile tubetype This means that the motorcycle tires are still wearing inner tubes.

One of the advantages if you use tires tubeless the motor is stronger when hit by a nail, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work on a nail.

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1. Tires tubeless can still leak when hit by nails

Already Using Tubeless Tires, How Can You Still Leak With Nails?Illustration of changing a leaky motorcycle tire (IDN Times/Dwi Agustiar)

Even though the tires tubeless stronger against puncture than tubetype tires, but that doesn’t mean the air pressure won’t decrease if a nail is stuck in the tire tubeless. How come?

“Because the tire layer that resists the wind is torn due to being hit by a nail. Wind can still come out through the gap between the nail and the tire rubber,” said Jimmy Handoyo, Tech Service Dept. Head of PT Suryaraya Rubberindo Industries (SRI) as the producer of FDR tires, to IDN Times (8/3/2022).

But it’s a tire tubeless The wind won’t run out immediately, so the motor can still be ridden to the tire repair shop.

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2. Tires tubeless keep being the enemy of nail mines

Already Using Tubeless Tires, How Can You Still Leak With Nails?Nail mine illustration (Doc. Nicky Oliviane)

But it’s a different story, if your motorcycle tubeless tires are not hit by ordinary nails but mine nails. “If it’s an ordinary nail, it can be called a smooth leak, but if it is hit by a nail mine, the tire will immediately puncture on the spot,” Jimmy said again.

The problem is that now there are many nail mines made from pieces of umbrella spokes. So that there is a gap for tire air to come out after the mine is stuck.

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3. Don’t forget to check the condition of the tires tubeless

Already Using Tubeless Tires, How Can You Still Leak With Nails?Tire shop illustration. (IDN Times/Dwi Agustiar)

Before starting to ride a motorbike, it’s a good idea to always check the condition of the front and rear tires. Make sure the tire pressure is not too low or flat.

By checking the condition of the tires before leaving, you can also tell if there are nails or other objects stuck in the tires tubeless you. So you can anticipate problems down the road, right?