Although delicious, limit sweet foods to reduce the risk of chronic inflammation in the body – The body uses an inflammatory response to fight disease. However, chronic inflammation that occurs in the long term can be dangerous.

This is because chronic inflammatory conditions can cause:

  • Damage to cell DNA, which can lead to cancer.
  • Increased insulin resistance, leading to diabetes.
  • Plaque buildup in blood vessels and trigger blood clots, resulting in heart disease.

Risk factors for chronic inflammation depend on the foods you eat, such as sugar, processed meats, and fried foods.

So, limiting the intake of these foods can reduce the risk of chronic disease.

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Eating sweet foods (pexels/tim-samuel)
Eating sweet foods (pexels/tim-samuel)

Sweet foods cause inflammation

Foods high in sugar can trigger inflammation in two ways, according to Insiders:

1. Stimulates the production of fatty acids in the liver.

“When the body digests these fatty acids, the compounds they produce can trigger an inflammatory process,” says nutritionist and CEO of Sweet Potato Delights, Velonda Anderson.

2. Excessive production of the hormone insulin, which in turn can increase fat in the body.

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“Fat cells can produce chemicals in the body that cause inflammation,” said Diane Javelli, clinical nutritionist at the University of Washington Medical Center.

He suggests reducing consumption of high-sugar foods such as cakes, candy, and soda, to maintain a healthy body fat percentage and reduce chronic inflammation.