AMD vs NVIDIA VGA Strong Competition, Who’s Better?

Talking about graphics cards for PCs, there are 2 of the most popular brands of VGA cards, namely AMD and NVIDIA. In this article, we want to talk about AMD vs NVIDIA VGA performance, who is better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each graphics card? Before deciding what brand of graphics card you want to buy, please first consider the following comparison of NVIDIA and AMD graphics card performance.

1. AMD vs NVIDIA VGA prices

Compared to NVIDIA, AMD graphics cards are cheaper. Because it is cheap, most PCs and laptops sold with AMD Radeon VGA are relatively more affordable. But unfortunately, even though it is cheaper, PCs and gaming laptops with AMD Radeon are less desirable because they are not reliable enough to play games.

amd vs nvidia

On the other hand, NVIDIA graphics cards are more expensive than AMD. This makes gaming PCs and laptops with NVIDIA VGA more expensive. Just look at the current price of gaming laptops whose average price is above 15 million and above.

2. NVIDIA VGA Suitable for Gaming

NVIDIA graphics cards are the most suitable VGA cards for gaming. This graphics card is most recommended for use in laptops and gaming PCs. So far, NVIDIA has been more focused on working on products for the gaming segment. The features in the NVIDIA graphics card are also more focused on improving the quality of graphics, videos, and the ability to display 3D content effectively and efficiently.

difference vga amd vs nvidia

In addition, many world game developers create and develop their games with the help of NVIDIA graphics cards. So when you play games with NVIDIA VGA, the quality and performance of the game will be similar to what was designed by the developer. Recently, NVIDIA launched real time Ray Tracing technology that can make visuals, shadows, and lighting effects on 3D objects look like the real thing in the real world (please read the article Advantages of NVIDIA GeForce RTX VGA).

3. AMD VGA Suitable for Multimedia

Unlike NVIDIA, AMD graphics cards are more suitable for use by multimedia content. If you like watching Full HD or 4K UHD resolution movies, this graphic is perfect for you. AMD VGA is proven to be more reliable in playing high-resolution video. The CUDA feature in it makes VGA able to monitor CPU performance when playing high definition video.

nvidia vs amd

Most Apple laptops or desktop PCs such as MacBooks and iMacs use AMD Radeon graphics cards. This is because the PC made by Apple is usually used to process photos and videos. Fast 3D rendering capabilities allow you to complete graphic tasks faster.

4. Advantages & Disadvantages of AMD Radeon VGA

Here, BuddyGame, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the AMD Radeon VGA:

Advantages of AMD Radeon

  • More suitable for multimedia and by digital content
  • Equipped with Unified Video Decoder, play HD videos more smoothly
  • Eyefinity feature, combine 6 monitors to get a wider picture
  • More efficient electricity consumption
  • Cheaper price.

vga nvidia vs amd

Disadvantages of AMD Radeon

  • Not suitable for gaming
  • Does not support Physx, so 3D graphics are not detailed
  • The game graphics quality is lower than NVIDIA.

5. Advantages & Disadvantages of NVIDIA GeForce VGA

Advantages of NVIDIA GeForce

  • More suitable for gaming
  • Widely used by world game developers
  • Graphics quality in the game is smoother and more vivid
  • Ray Tracing technology is supported in real time (RTX only).

vga amd vs nvidia

Disadvantages of NVIDIA GeForce

  • The price is more expensive
  • Less reliable when playing high resolution videos
  • Does not support UVD technology
  • The video decoding process still involves the processor
  • Wasteful electricity consumption.


In determining who is more powerful between AMD vs NVIDIA VGA, you must first determine what your needs are. If you need a good VGA for gaming, please choose NVIDIA. But if you need a reliable PC for photo and video processing, please install an AMD graphics card. Great or not a graphics card depends on your own needs. And most importantly, adjust it according to your budget so you don’t force yourself to buy a graphics card beyond your capabilities.