Android & iOS Smartphone Airplane Mode Functions That You Need to Know New This Year

Various Advantages and Functions of Airplane Mode (Air Plane) on Android and iOS Phones that you should know.

Surely you are already familiar with the air plane feature or airplane mode available on your cellphone, right?

Well, by the way the airplane feature Are you familiar with this feature? Then what does the airplane mean?

Airplane mode or Air Plane is a mode that you can use while on a plane so that your signal doesn’t interfere with the plane you’re flying in.

Usually, airlines always tell their passengers to activate the airplane mode feature for reasons of safety and mutual comfort.

Airplane Mode Function

Airplane Mode Functions on Smartphones

But is that the only function of this Air Plane? It turns out that there are many other functions, yes! Let’s take a look at the following Air Plane function reviews.

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1. Save Battery

The first function of Air Plane is to save the battery of the smartphone we use.

How could that be? When the cellphone enters the Air Plane, it will not be able to use the cellular network let alone the internet network. Therefore the battery load will be greatly reduced.

As you already know that the internet is the main cause of a fast battery drain.

So if you are traveling far and want to save battery, this method is perfect for saving your cellphone battery

2. Avoid Annoying Notifications

By enabling airplane mode, you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by notifications that can annoy you such as email notifications, instant messages, or social media.

This is because when you enter the Air Plane, your phone is not connected to the network or the internet.

Even other people will not be able to contact you when airplane mode is activated. So by activating this airplane mode, you can rest easy.

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3. Speed ​​Up Charging Time

Almost the same as the previous principle, where when you enter airplane mode, it will consume less power.

And when it is being charged, of course the charging process will be full faster. This method proves to be effective when your battery is running low and you want it to be fully charged quickly.

Just activate airplane mode, the battery charging process can be up to 3x faster.

4. Refreshing Internet Signal

You must have experienced where your internet connection suddenly becomes slow. If so, airplane mode could be a powerful solution that you can use.

First, please activate the air plane mode for about 10-15 seconds. Then, please turn off the airplane mode again. And wait a while until your cellphone is connected to the internet again.

By using this method you can return the internet speed to normal again.

5. Lighten HP Performance

As we explained earlier that when you activate Air Plane mode, your smartphone will not connect to the network and internet.

Therefore all your applications that are connected to the internet such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and so on will not burden the cellphone.

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Thus our article about the Airplane Mode Function on Android and iOS Phones, hopefully it can help you in knowing the airplane mode function.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.