Apex Legends Mobile Android & iPhone 2022 Minimum Specs

Apex Legends Minimum Specs – Recently, Mobile and PC gamers have been shocked by an online game with the Battle Royale genre, called Apex Legends Mobile. The game is already available on the Playstore and App Store, but only a few countries have Apex Legends Mobile available.

With the presence of Apex Legends on mobile devices, many gamers wonder what the minimum specs for Apex Legends Mobile are. This is often asked because to anticipate the occurrence of lag or HP specs do not support.

Before you download the Apex Legends Mobile application on Android or iOS devices, you should first check the minimum specs for Apex Legends Mobile for the type of device you are using.

To help gamers who are curious about the minimum specs that must be met. Below, Ulingame has summarized in full the minimum specs for Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iPhone.

Apex Legends Mobile at a Glance

Apex Legends Mobile

Electronic Arts or better known as EA has officially launched the Apex Legends game on a limited basis. You can download and play games with the Battle Royale genre for free through the Google Playstore for Android devices and the App Store for iOS.

Information that Ulingame got, Apex Legends Mobile has a file size of 2.8 GB. With a size of 2.8 GB, it usually does not accompany additional files that are downloaded during the installation process.

Apex Legends Mobile has been developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA which has provided various mode features such as Team Death Match, Battle Arena 3 vs 3, Mini Battle Royale and Competitive Ranked mode.

Not only Indonesia, Apex Legends Mobile has also been released in several other countries. Below is a list of countries that got the Apex Legends Mobile game.

  1. New Zealand
  2. Singapore
  3. Philippines
  4. Mexico
  5. Peru
  6. Argentina
  7. Colombia
  8. Malaysia
  9. Australia

Apex Legends Mobile Minimum Specs

For mobile gamers who want to try playing the Apex Legends Mobile game and want to experience playing the game smoothly and comfortably, the mobile device that you use to play the Apex Legends Mobile game, at least the player must meet the minimum specifications below which Ulingame has summarized.

Android Minimum Specs

For Android device users, you must meet or exceed the minimum specifications as below in order to run the Apex Legends Mobile game smoothly and comfortably without experiencing lag or other disturbances.

Minimum OSAndroid 8.1
Graphics APIOpenGL 3.0
ProcessorSnapdragon 625
ScreenN, L, XL

iPhone Minimum Specs

Now for iPhone device users, below, Ulingame has summarized complete information about the minimum specs for playing Apex Legends Mobile.

OSiOS 10
Minimum DeviceiPhone 6s Series

Apex Legends Mobile Full Size Specs

As Ulingame told before, Apex Legends Mobile requires at least 3 GB of free storage space on your device, whether it’s Android or iOS.

Please note, later Apex Legends Mobile will update either system repair or season change, so players should leave a little more than 3 GB of storage space so that the update can run smoothly.

If all these conditions have been met, then you can play Apex Legends Mobile smoothly without experiencing problems. Now for fans of the Apex Legends game who want to top up but don’t know how. You can see previous Ulingame articles regarding THE EASIEST MOBILE APEX LEGENDS TOP UP.

The final word

So much complete information about the minimum specs of Apex Legends Mobile for the Uingame version. Hopefully the above information can help players find out the specifications of mobile devices to play Apex Legends Mobile. Hope it is useful.