Apple Will Present iPhone Rental Service Etc – Still remember no viral news about the iPhone rental service that was busy talking about a few months ago? People buy iPhone rental services starting with daily prices that reach hundreds of thousands.

Well, soon fangirl and fanboy Apple doesn’t need to look for an iPhone rental place anymore because Apple will officially present their product rental service.

Citing Macrumors, Apple is reportedly developing a service so users can ‘subscribe’ and use the iPhone or other products. This service is similar to the iCloud service.

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Consumers will be able to pay monthly and get access to use the device for one month, according to the start date of the subscription.

This rental service is perfect for lovers of Apple products such as iPhone‌, iPad, or Mac who can’t afford to buy a device but have the need want to experience the product.

Regarding the price, Apple plans to equate the price of this subscription with the cost of iCloud and Apple Music subscriptions. Customers can subscribe to these products using their Apple ID and App Store account.

The monthly cost of Apple Music itself is around Rp. 50 thousand, while iCloud is in the range of Rp. 15 thousand and above. However, it should be noted that later this price may be different, in accordance with the provisions imposed by Apple.

Unlike the 12 or 24 month installment program, the fee for this rental service is not determined from the original price of the product. So, it is likely to be cheaper, even cheaper than rental services from third parties that went viral yesterday.

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Consumers can also upgrade the devices they rent to new devices that have just been released. Apple is also in discussions to connect this service to the Apple One and AppleCare bundles.

To get this service, Apple provides access through the App Store, Apple’s official website, and also the Apple online store.

There is no further news about this service because Apple has only been developing it for the last few months.

It could be that this service will launch at the end of 2022 or be delayed to 2023, or it could even fail to be released if Apple changes its mind and has other plans.

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