At first intestinal inflammation, this man’s stomach enlarges like a pregnant woman because of a hernia – A man who has stomach pains leads to a hernia that makes him look like a woman is nine months pregnant. It all started when Garry Urien sought medical treatment.

After being examined by medics in the Emergency Room at Rotherham Hospital in South Yorkshire, it was confirmed that she had appendicitis. Thus as reported by The SUN.

But what was meant to be a routine operation, went wrong and Garry is now suffering from a massive hernia, which makes him look like he is ‘nine months pregnant’.

When Garry first arrived at the hospital he was screaming in pain and his wife Julia, 57, said it took more than a day before he was operated on.

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As of February 2021 the country is still under a national lockdown. In January this year it was reported that the NHS waiting list had hit an all-time high of six million.

Distended stomach is often a problem for many people.
Illustration of an enlarged belly

Due to the pandemic, experts have previously warned that it could take up to five years to clear up.

Julia said her husband had an MRI scan when he got to the hospital, which revealed appendicitis and medics said he needed surgery.

He said that Garry later canceled three surgeries, but when the third was canceled, Gary passed out because his appendix ruptured.

He had to be rushed to emergency surgery and was told he was in critical condition but was saved. However, when his appendix was removed, the contents of his stomach had penetrated the wall of his stomach, which left him suffering from a large hernia.

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Julia claims the surgeon who performed the surgery didn’t suture her properly, leaving her in ‘mess’