Baek Yi Jin’s Twenty-Five, Twenty-One Tips

Aired since early February, drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One still firmly at the top by scoring an average national rating of 9.8 percent in the third week. This drama tells about the struggle of Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) in fighting for his dream in the midst of the monetary crisis that hit South Korea in the 1998s.

However, with the bankruptcy of his parents’ company, he had to lose the momentum for growth in his life. This drama highlights the struggle of Baek Yi Jin who started over from scratch after his dream tripped over a big pebble due to the monetary crisis.

With his high spirits to get back up and pay off his parents’ debts, here are some Baek Yi Jin tips from Twenty-Five, Twenty-One in achieving dreams that inspire young people. Come on, see the tips below!

1. Do it according to ability

5 Tips by Baek Yi Jin 'Twenty-Five, Twenty-One' so that the Spirit of Reaching for Dreamsportrait of Baek Yi Jin (

Rather than live up to other people’s expectations of him being educated and good at speaking in front of a microphone, Baek Yi Jin chooses to live life according to his abilities and opportunities. Even though the world seems to demand him to be perfect with his parents’ background who once controlled the South Korean economy before the monetary crisis hit.

There is a quote from Baek Yi Jin that will open everyone’s eyes that failure is normal. Failure is not something that makes us look bad. In this world, we even have failed stocks.

Instead of doing something great, try to do something according to our portion. How about we replace words like “You can do it” with
“It does not matter”?

“Sometimes, words like ‘you can do it’ or ‘spirit’ can actually discourage you. It seems we’ve never seen a world where we can fail or fail. –Baek Yi Jin

2. Don’t give up

5 Tips by Baek Yi Jin 'Twenty-Five, Twenty-One' so that the Spirit of Reaching for Dreamsportrait of Baek Yi Jin (

“However, I hope that, even if we fail, a heart that is strong enough to rise again will continue to be on our side.” –Baek Yi Jin

After his parents went bankrupt, Baek Yi Jin had to struggle alone to make ends meet. He was even forced to leave his luxurious lifestyle and move into a narrow rented apartment with minimal belongings.

Of course, everything must look fine because life will go on even though he is down. Armed with his watery brain and the experience of being a popular broadcaster at school, Baek Yi Jin applied for jobs all over the place.

However, because South Korea was experiencing a monetary crisis at the time, it was difficult for him to find a decent job. Even so, he never squandered an opportunity or felt embarrassed to try to work as a bookstore keeper and a newspaper delivery man.

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3. Stay away from toxic friends

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5 Tips by Baek Yi Jin 'Twenty-Five, Twenty-One' so that the Spirit of Reaching for Dreamsportrait of Baek Yi Jin (

In the first episode Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, there is a scene where Baek Yi Jin meets his friends at the club for help. However, their attitude changed after their parents’ company went bankrupt. They even looked down on him who was no longer the son of a conglomerate.

“Apparently it’s a good thing because my family went bankrupt. I can see the bad side of you (his friends) now. You should have been like this to me from the start. I thought we were friends.” –Baek Yi Jin

In fact, parental bankruptcy wasn’t always a bad thing for Baek Yi Jin. Thanks to all that, he became aware of the true nature and behavior of his friends to him after his economic status changed. As adults, we really only need a friend who is always by our side in all conditions compared to having many friends who don’t care.

4. Make the achievements of others as motivation

5 Tips by Baek Yi Jin 'Twenty-Five, Twenty-One' so that the Spirit of Reaching for Dreamsportrait of Baek Yi Jin (

After meeting a big pebble, Baek Yi Jin tried to get up to continue his life goals which had been delayed due to the bankruptcy of his parents. Although it is difficult, he finally meets Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) who also has big dreams like him.

Seeing the development of Na Hee Do who worked hard to become a fencer for the South Korean national team, Baek Yi Jin’s heart was moved to do the same. Instead of being jealous of his friend’s achievements, he instead uses it as motivation to follow his success.

In the process of achieving a dream, we will definitely see the achievements of others that sometimes make us feel envious. However, there is a quote from Baek Yi Jin that will touch anyone.

“If you try, I want to try too. If you succeed, I want to succeed too. You make other people grow too, not only you.” –Baek Yi Jin

5. Don’t run away from problems

5 Tips by Baek Yi Jin 'Twenty-Five, Twenty-One' so that the Spirit of Reaching for Dreamsportrait of Baek Yi Jin (

“I didn’t get hired, and failed repeatedly. I wanted to run away. However, I used Yi Hyun as an excuse. I hate myself.” –Baek Yi Jin

Living in the midst of a monetary crisis is not easy. With South Korea’s economy slumping at the time, the number of applicants outnumbered the available jobs. Drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One really shows how connections really affect the outcome of an applicant’s job interview.

Even the available jobs have qualifications that are too high for Baek Yi Jin who did not have time to continue his studies in college. He was repeatedly rejected and failed job interviews.

Even though he had returned to Pohang because he couldn’t find a proper job in Seoul, Baek Yi Jin realized that he couldn’t just give up his dream a second time. He finally returned to Seoul to take the reporter exam and was successfully accepted as a internal on a TV station.

Drama Twenty-Five, Twenty-One not only tells the story of Baek Yi Jin’s journey in achieving his delayed dream, but also shows how he survives in the midst of the monetary crisis. It’s the same as today, where the world is being battered by a pandemic that makes the economy unstable and jobs are only for people who have high qualifications. Even so, there’s no reason to give up on achieving your dreams, right?

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