Bandung White Crater Admission Ticket 2022, Atmosphere & Location

Tourist attractions that have been background one of scene in the film Heart, this is one of the cool tourist attractions in Bandung that recommended for you to come. So come on try mlipir to the White Crater Bandung.

Bandung White Crater
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Opening hours:07.00-17.00 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 20,000/person
Activity:Photography, recreation
Visiting time:2 hours
Address:Jalan Soreang Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java
Public facilities:Mushola, toilets, food stalls, ample parking.
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Bandung White Crater is one of the mandatory tours if you are visiting the city of Bandung. Not only natural shades you will encounter, you even can take advantage of this beauty tosnap taking pictures cool and of course instagenic. With landscape Nature in the form of a mountain crater, of course, makes your vacation this time feel different.

There are several things you can do how come besides enjoying the scenery and taking pictures. You can play on the pontoon dock, or watch view from above through skywalk cantigi. Eits, already curious right? come on see more what are the attractions of one of the tours hits in this flower city.

Bandung White Crater
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Bandung White Crater
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Bandung White Crater
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Bandung White Crater
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Bandung White Crater

Bandung’s white crater is a landscape nature in the form of a lake with a very strong sulfur smell formed from the eruption of Mount Patuha. At the same time, it is located at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level, so it is not surprising that the temperature in this area is very cold, ranging from 8 -22 degrees Celsius. Hmm but it’s so much fun how come.

Oya, FYI the white color is actually the most attractive thing okay in this tourist spot is caused by several elements that have been mixed with sulfur. And also the water produced from this white crater has a green color of beauty. But it turns out here The color of the water conditions can change according to the weather, temperature or water content at that time.

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The Attraction of Bandung’s White Crater

Conditions in the White Crater Bandung indeed make para travelYou want to sit for a long time to enjoy the view that is presented. But still yes, lingering in the smell of sulfur is not good for your body.

Well, instead of being confused what are you doing, The following are some of the attractions of Bandung’s White Crater that you can explore all day and all.

You can see a crater resembling a lake with a puff of active sulfur smoke that makes moment the more cool.

Almost the same as other tours Ijen Crater. You need a little effort to get to this cliff. There are 4 posts that you have to go through by going through trekking first. But will not regret ok, after successfully arriving and got a view of the white crater of Bandung from a height.

This pier is in the form of wood that crosses 50 meters long and 2 meters wide. Spot This is the most crowded used by visitors to take pictures, eits but don’t forget to replace the fun by paying another Rp. 10,000 yes.

You can see view from a distance more charming. Oya,Skywalk Cantigi I was built for 150 meters and Skywalk Cantigi II was 500 meters long.

The latest Bandung White Crater Entrance Ticket Prices 2019

Well, you may need to know the price for the entrance ticket to the white crater of Bandung to make a itinerary traveling you are perfect again yes. Here are the entrance ticket prices along with some: additional charges for some places or facilities there.

Domestic entrance ticketRp. 20,000
International entrance ticketRp. 50,000
Top Parking (Car)Rp. 150,000
Top Parking (Motorcycle)Rp. 35,000
Underground Parking (Car)Rp. 6,000
Underground Parking (Motorcycle)Rp. 5,000
Under Bus ParkingRp. 25,000
Ride on earringsRp. 13,000
Pontoon PierRp. 10,000
Pre-wedding packageRp. 500,000

How? relatively cheap yes yes. Moreover, a good idea for those of you who will get married approaching this month. Now, why not take a photo pre-wedding only in the white crater of Bandung?

Routes and Access to Bandung White Crater

This tourist spot is located on Jalan Soreang Ciwidey about 50 km south of the city of Bandung. It also turns out that the Kawah Putih area is also not far from Situ Patenggang. Apart from going through the guide google maps, the route to be taken to get to the location is also not difficult. There are many how come public transportation that is ready to take you to the front gate of Kawah Putih.

Well, the following are ancer-ancer if you choose to go to the location using a private vehicle. The route starts from Jakarta – Cipularang Toll Road – Kopo Toll Gate – Soreang – Ciwidey – Kawah Putih. Quite easy right?

And another option if you choose to take public transportation. Then go to Terminal Leuwi Panjang – Terminal Ciwidey – Situ Patenggang – Kawah Putih Bandung.

Everything is clear how come, but if you feel lost just ask the locals yes.

Facilities at the White Crater Bandung

You can enjoy the following facilities while visiting this tourist spot.

  1. Place of worship / prayer room
  2. Clean toilet
  3. Spacious parking area
  4. Information office
  5. Food stalls

overall, Bandung White Crater is one of the top tours in the city of Bandung which are highly recommended for travelers travelers. Because in addition to the natural allure that is presented, you can also play in several games spot and take photos.

The price of the entrance ticket is also relatively yes, still safe in the pocket. And for the facilities too ok standard like other tourist attractions.

So how? already prepared itinerary and logistics to depart? come on ah soon there will be a lot of red dates in August. Invite the closest people and have a happy vacation in this charming White Crater Bandung. Cheers!