Bank Jago Referral Code, Claim 25K for Free!

Bank Jago Referral Code – Many digital banks have been created in Indonesia, this allows us to transact easily without having to go to an ATM which is quite far from where we live. The very rapid development of the times is also a factor that affects the emergence of digital banks in Indonesia.

The features provided by digital banks are also very easy for users to make transactions online, time efficiency is the answer to the convenience created through digital banks in Indonesia. Digital banks also provide convenience regarding saving money using only account verification that has been updated to premium mode. So we don’t need to be obliged to use an ATM card, just using our cellphones and emails, we already get various conveniences in transacting.

There are so many digital banks that appear, this will make it easier for us to choose a bank that is easy to use by users, but it should be underlined that we must also pay attention to the security of the digital bank that we install on our cellphones.

The main requirement for saving at a digital bank is to be verified by the OJK or the so-called financial services authority and kominfo after agreeing that this application runs on the Indonesian network.

What is Bank Jago?

Bank Jago Referral Code

It is undeniable that there are so many digital banks that have been created in Indonesia, starting with mobile banking created by banks that have earned names in Indonesia, so the developer has re-developed an application that we don’t have to rely on the bank only. simply download the app and verify it on a premium account.

This turned out to be considered very easy so that digital banks began to be created in Indonesia. Of the many digital banks that have been created in this article, this article provides an explanation of the Bank Jago application. The digital bank application is one of the many digital banks that have been created in Indonesia.

Bank Jag itself has been verified by the OJK and approved by the Ministry of Communication and Information to run in Indonesia, Bank Jag is also the easiest solution in online transactions without having to use an ATM, only verification of identity to enter premium applications, we have got a lot of convenience regarding how online transactions take place. .

Bank Jago Referral Code Claims 25 thousand

In its promotion, the bank is good at providing an attractive offer so that many install this one digital bank application. This promotion is carried out to increase the number of customers in Indonesia to install the Bank Jago application.

We will be given a referral code to invite new customers, if we are successful in inviting one of our customers with our referral code, we will get a balance sheet of rp25,000. So here we are given the task of getting as many customers as possible, the more customers we will continue to get Rp25,000.

If it is assumed like this, if we invite 1 person, we get Rp. 25,000, then imagine that we have succeeded in inviting 10 people, so we can easily get Rp. 250,000. here is a referral code link that you can resent. So that in a good bank account we will get an amount of rp25,000.

We will be given a code to get rp25,000 for money exchange, it will be sent after 5 days we install the Bank Jag application, then we must be able to invite many items to take our referral code. This article will also provide a tutorial on how to register a bank account with a referral code.

  • We need to know that we will register using the link to get a referral code.
  • After that we click the link in this article and the link has been given here: ALF5E57C
  • After that we will be taken to register a champion account by entering an email address and verifying identity.
  • Click the continue button to register
  • After that, open the Play Store and look for the Great Digital Bank application.
  • After successfully installed we will be asked to create a bank account.

How to Register on the Jago Bank Application

If you have installed the Jagi Bank application on your cellphone. This time, I will show you how to register in the application. It is possible that there are still many people out there who do not understand how to register.

  • The next stage we have to enter the mobile number, email address that has been registered via the referral code.
  • Wait for the SMS via the mobile number that we have registered in the expert account.
  • Create a password and pay attention to the password command that must use some special characters in securing our account privacy.
  • Next is verifying your identity in the Bank Jag application
  • Enter the required information in the verification of the bank account.
  • If we have a TIN then enter our TIN number. If we do not have a TIN then click I do not have TIN.
  • After that agree to the privacy policy given in the application.
  • Enter the video call stage to verify our account
  • Wait 5 minutes and our great bank application will be verified.

There is an important note where the rp25,000 will go into our bank’s balance if the friend who invited us has a balance in his account of rp200,000, and the 25,000 delivery will be sent after 5 days we use this bankjagi application .

That’s information about the Jago Bank Referral Code which is currently viral, to get a balance of 25,000 for free we need to see the applicable policies so that we get the balance.

The final word

That’s the information that this article can convey, hopefully it can be useful for all of us, especially those who are looking for a Bank Jago Referral Code to get a balance of 25,000, we will also update later for interesting articles from our site.