Batman Arkham Asylum: The Rise of the Ideal Superhero Game

If you want to mention the best superhero game, surely Batman Arkham Asylum never forgets to mention it. This game provides a new sensation and experience playing superhero-style games. Arkham Asylum is arguably the first Batman Arkham game series.

Batman Arkham Asylum

DC superhero games This one was released by a developer called Rocksteady Studio and released by Eidos Interactive together with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Why do many consider the Batman Arkham series to be the best superhero game series before the appearance of Spider-Man for PS4? The most logical reason is the detailed graphics and immersive gameplay.

Rocksteady Studio is very successful in translating and executing the world of Batman into an action-adventure game. Arkham Asylum was released for many platforms including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows PC, and even MAC OS X. For further explanation, you can follow this Buddygame article to the end. Don’t miss it.

Batman Arkham Asylum Story Plot: Very Well Executed

The story of this Batman game begins when the Joker is captured by Batman and sent to Arkham Asylum after he attacks the city of Gotham. Harley Quinn takes over the security of the asylum and the Joker finally escapes from the place. In addition, commissioner Gordon is also kidnapped by corrupt guards. In order for Batman to work alone, the Joker threatens to blow up Gotham city with a hidden bomb.

Batman Arkham Asylum

When trying to help Gordon, Batman is exposed to a Scarecrow-made poison which makes him hallucinate seeing Gordon dead and also the corpses of his parents talking to Batman. After defeating the Scarecrow, Batman must also defeat Harley Quinn before helping Gordon. That’s the outline of the story of the first Batman Arkham series.

The story idea of ​​this superhero game made by Rocksteady is quite fresh as a superhero game. You will find some famous villains from the Batman film and comic series such as Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, and several others. In addition to the deep story, the advantage of Arkham Asylum is the gameplay. The gameplay of this superhero game which was released in 2009 has dynamic gameplay.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum gives a little freedom in the style of open world games. In each mission you can explore every place freely and find some secrets. In addition, to defeat the enemy you can use brutal or stealth methods. Maybe this formula is taken by the Spider-Man game for PS4 which was released some time ago.

Exciting Gameplay, Excellent Detailed Graphics, Excellent Voice Acting

In order to create the impression of Batman in full, Rocksteady Studio presents flexible movements along with Batman-style movements that have been known so far. However, in this game, Batman who is present does not fully rely on sophisticated equipment when paralyzing his enemies.

Not only the gameplay, the voice acting in Arkham Asylum is a plus. The voice actors of the characters in this game are filled by veteran voice actors such as Kevin Conroy, who used to be the voice of the TV series Batman: The Animated Series. In addition, there is a veteran actor known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, Mark Hamill, and also Arleen Sorkin who is also known in the entertainment world.

Thanks to being filled by famous voice actors and voice actresses, the Batman Arkham Asylum game has a very lively feel. However, if you feel that Christian Bale’s Batman voice is growling, don’t expect to hear it because Batman’s voice in this game is based on the Batman: the Animated Series.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Because when you paralyze an enemy, you can walk around and look around in the style of a stealth game, this game features a detective mode. In this feature it allows you to see the enemy through a vision that can penetrate walls. In addition, the advantage of this game is the graphics. Even though this game was released a decade ago, this game still looks luxurious.

Conclusion: Haven’t had time to play yet, let’s play!

Even though this game is an old game, it doesn’t hurt to play. Especially for those of you who have never played the Batman Arkham series. The Batman Arkham series is arguably the best superhero game after the absence of well-made superhero games. To get it you can buy it via Steam. The good news, for this game, the price is already very cheap. So, what are you waiting for? Read: Batman Arkham Knight Review.