Be careful, air pollution affects the power of sperm swimming to reach the egg, you know – A new study shows that where you live affects male fertility. This has to do with whether or not their sperm is weak.

The study from China found that men living in highly polluted areas were at risk for poor sperm motility.

Motility is the degree to which sperm swim well in search of eggs in the fallopian tubes. The stronger it is, the easier it is for the sperm to swim towards the egg.

However, male fertility depends on a number of sperm parameters, including the number or concentration of sperm per ejaculate, reports The Sun.

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In a study published in the journal JAMA Network Open In this study, researchers analyzed sperm samples from nearly 34,000 men from 130 locations in China. Researchers assessed sperm count, motility and concentration.

Sperm illustration (Shutterstock)

The results showed that high exposure to particulate matter (PM) during the period of sperm development (more than 90 days) decreased sperm motility.

Men exposed to particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers experienced an average motility of 3.6% when compared to the average male in China.

But this impact is not the same as for men living outside China, which is known to be highly polluted.

“This paper adds to the evidence base that the relationship between air pollution and semen quality is real, and is particularly impressive because it uses semen quality data from more than 30,000 men,” said Allan Pacey, professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield, who was not included in the study.

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