Be careful, Children Infected with Tuberculosis Repeatedly At Risk of Natural Drug Resistance! – Tuberculosis or TB infection can be completely cured, as well as if it occurs in a group of children. Provided that TB patients undergo treatment correctly and routinely.

However, everyone can be infected with TB many times because of contracting it from other people or an unhealthy lifestyle. This condition puts a person at risk of developing drug resistance.

“TB can be cured, but we have to find the source of the infection. Because if the source is not treated, TB can be re-transmitted,” said pediatrician dr. Ackni Hartati during a live Instagram broadcast with Orami Parenting, Monday (28/3/2022).

He explained that drug resistance due to repeated TB can also occur in children. Although it can still be cured, drug resistance makes TB patients have to take more drugs or undergo treatment longer than before.

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“For example, initially a child only needs 6 months of medicine, later it can take longer. Initially, there might only be three kinds of medicine, so it could be four kinds,” he explained.

In addition, knowing the source of infection is also important to break the chain of transmission. Doctor Ackni said that most TB patients in children are usually infected because they are infected by adults.

It is known that tuberculosis can be transmitted through droplets that come out when talking or sneezing and coughing. In addition, infection can also be transmitted if you use eating and drinking utensils at the same time.

“If the adults have been treated, God willing, there will be no further transmission and there will be no drug resistance. In fact, if it is treated properly and until it is completed and routinely, it is rarely affected again,” he concluded.

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