Because Drinking Caffeine Powder, This Man Experienced a Heart Attack to Death! – A man in England has died of a caffeine overdose, after consuming a mixed drink containing the equivalent of several hundred cups of coffee.

The 29-year-old man, Tom Mansfield, had ordered a 100 gram bag of caffeine powder to be consumed as a supplement drink.

However, he made a mistake when measuring the caffeine powder for processing into a drink which resulted in him consuming high doses of caffeine.

The recommended dose of caffeine powder for consumption is between 60 to 300 milligrams. However, Tom uses a scale that has an initial weight of 2 grams.

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That is, Tom Mansfield consumed a few grams of powdered caffeine, which is the equivalent of drinking 200 cups of coffee.

Coffee illustration (pixabay)
Coffee illustration (pixabay)

After gulping down the drink, Tom Mansfield clutched his chest and said his heart was beating fast.

Then quoted from Live Sciencenot long after his mouth began to foam and his wife immediately called for an ambulance.

Tom Mansfield was rushed to hospital with a heart attack and was pronounced dead that same day.

The coroner found that Tom Mansfield had a caffeine level in his blood of 392 mg per liter. A typical caffeine level after drinking a cup of coffee is about 2 to 4 mg per liter.

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In this case, you need to know that caffeine powder can be very dangerous because it is much stronger than drinks containing caffeine, such as coffee.

In 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration warned several companies selling caffeine powder. Because, this caffeine powder increases the risk of serious illness and serious injury.

The agency has warned that consumers who buy it may not be able to accurately measure the caffeine powder before consuming it.