Before Doing Plastic Surgery Like Lucinta Luna, Know The 10 Risks That Can Happen – Celebrity Lucinta Luna is back doing plastic surgery abroad. The action was revealed through uploads on social media.

He uploaded a photo with his whole head bandaged. Of course this took many people by surprise. And from the upload, it was discovered that Lucinta Luna had plastic surgery.

The head surgery by the artist who is often called the ‘Queen of Salome’ was carried out in Seoul, South Korea. He revealed this through uploading his Instagram photos while placing the location where he had the operation.

Plastic surgery is actually a common thing in medical procedures. It is usually performed to reshape structures in the head and neck, particularly the nose, ears, chin, cheekbones, and neckline.

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However, every type of surgery and surgery has risks, including plastic surgery. Before deciding to undergo plastic surgery like Lucinta Luna, let’s first understand what risks lurk. Quoted from Sehatq, here are some of the risks of plastic surgery.

1. Nerve damage

In some cases of surgery, there is a risk of nerve damage, including during plastic surgery. This complication is most evident in the facial nerve, which can make it difficult for a person to make facial expressions. Eyes that look drooping are also at risk. The majority of cases of nerve damage due to plastic surgery can be treated, although some may become permanent.

2. Formation of scar tissue

Scar tissue formation often occurs in surgical procedures, including plastic surgery. Of course this can be disturbing to people who experience it, because the purpose of cosmetic surgery itself is to improve self-aesthetics. Patients can reduce the risk of scarring by not smoking after surgery, eating healthy foods, and following doctor’s directions.

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3. Infection