Best Free Online Learning Applications in Indonesia 2021 – During the current pandemic, online learning applications are an alternative so students can continue to receive education. As it is known that the PPKM rules do not allow or rather recommend that everyone stay at home. Students or students are also affected by these regulations. No one is to blame, the rules are still rules that must be obeyed.

This does not mean that the existence of these rules makes students or children free from their main responsibility, namely learning. As much as possible the teaching and learning process must continue, even though it is online. The existence of an application that allows distance learning makes it easier for students to continue to get a proper education. Although it is somewhat less effective, it can still be said to be a good step rather than nothing.

Online learning applications consist of many kinds, mostly in the form of indirect communication. Even so, there are also those who can directly carry out two-way communication if possible. So, how does the process of teaching and learning go by using the application? Usually in the form of a question and answer forum, where students can ask things they don’t know yet, which are then answered by other users who have been previously selected by experts.

Best Online Learning Apps

Do you only know RuangGuru as the best online learning app for kids? Of course not right? There are so many applications that you can use to support your child’s learning process at home. Of course, not all applications provide the best results, whether in the form of menus, the system used, or the ease of access. So what are the best apps? Here we provide some recommendations for you to consider!

Teacher’s room

The first application is certainly natural if we recommend RungGuru, where you are also familiar with the application in question. How not, they often intensify advertisements on national television for some time. Even at certain moments, they hold live events by contracting several well-known television stations simultaneously

Indeed, the quality of this online learning application cannot be denied. Your child can understand difficult questions in an easy way. Animated videos and supporting images are available to facilitate student understanding. Not only that, behind the success of the teacher’s room, it turns out that there are many experts who support them according to their respective fields. so, don’t hesitate to give your child the best application needs by joining RuangGuru.

Study House

If you want to find an online learning application from the Ministry of Education and Culture, it seems fitting to use the ‘Rumah Belajar’ to support the online learning process for children. This application was developed by the Indonesian government, specifically by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Even though there are not as many users as RuangGuru, at least you can use it as an alternative to support children’s learning at home. Moreover, Learning Houses are not only available in the form of an application, you can directly visit one via

Google Classroom

Not only as an internet giant that has an extensive database for daily use, Google has also released applications to support the smooth teaching and learning process from home. Google Classroom is like a forum that can be used for questions and answers about education.

Teachers and students can carry out two-way interactive communication, for example asking questions about questions that have not been understood, or giving an assessment of the assignments given. The advantage of this application, which has been used by more than 100 million users, is that it is connected to their respective Gmail accounts. so no need to create a new account when you want to use it.


The name of the next online learning application is Edmodo, where students and teachers can directly connect and communicate. There is a chat feature that makes it easier for teachers to monitor the assignments given. In addition, parents can also take part in supervising their children when learning online.

Quipper Online Learning App

In addition to online learning, Quipper can also be used for offline learning applications for SMA, SMP or SD. The system used is not interactive between students and teachers, but rather a collection of questions and answers that are quite complete and in accordance with the latest curriculum.

But unfortunately, Quipper is not one of the free online learning applications at no cost. If you want to use it, you are required to pay per item, or you can also become a monthly customer.

Zenius (Online Learning Application for Students)

Zenius is very suitable to be used as an online learning application for college students, or high school students who are on their way to the next level of education. Founded in 2004, this application already has hundreds of thousands of alumni spread across several well-known universities.

Besides being free, Zenius provides features that are not inferior to other applications. For example, the availability of concept videos for elementary, middle and high school as well as many practice questions that are provided. One thing that other apps don’t have is the ZenBot feature that helps answer questions just by providing a photo.


Online learning classes from KelasKita allow for the teaching and learning process anywhere and anytime. Interestingly, each student can interact directly to know more. In addition, there are special programs if students are interested in exploring them, namely learning programming and making websites.


Of all the online learning applications above, which one is suitable for use? If you put the choice to RuangGuru, of course you made the right decision. But that doesn’t mean the others aren’t worth trying! It could be that you find something interesting in other applications that are not found in RuangGuru.