Best & Proven Paying Offline Money Making Apps – Currently looking for money is like turning the palm of the hand. Very easy with a variety of options. Moreover, now there are several offline money making app which will make it easier for you to earn money.

Getting money from several applications that will be recommended later is also not difficult and the withdrawal method is also quite easy. You can do it while sitting relaxed, lying down, or even while eating.

The application will also not suck up the internet data package that you are using because it can be done without an internet connection though. So, your money will not be deducted because it runs out to buy an internet package.

Besides being able to earn money, you can also have fun at the same time with some of the applications that will be suggested below. Paid fun. Of course very interesting is not it?

Recommended Offline Money Making Applications

For those of you who are very curious, let’s just look at some reviews of offline applications that can make money below.

1. Neo+

The first application you can try is Neo+. This application is a digital banking platform that has been proven to make money. The way to get it is also very easy, you only need to register and can immediately get IDR 100,000 without doing anything.

This application is also available on the Play Store and the App Store, so you just have to look for it there, download it, then register. With it, you can earn a decent amount of money to buy breakfast or to pay for your daily needs. Count as additional income.

However, this application still does not have a permit and is registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). However, there have been many reviews that prove that with this application, you can earn money by simply registering and creating an account.

2. Money Cube

The second application that you can try is Money Cube. With this application, you can earn money very easily. For those of you who like lying down, it seems this application is suitable for you to use.

The way to earn money from this application is also quite easy. You just need to arrange the blocks or cubes as high as possible. The higher the blocks or cubes you can stack, the more money you will get.

3. WhatsAround

This is really suitable for those of you who like to travel and also like to travel. Especially for those of you who like to capture moments with a camera while traveling, the WhatsAround application can give you money just by doing your hobby, you know.

You only need to share videos or photos while you are on vacation. If it looks like it, it’s similar to Instagram which is devoted to sharing photos or short videos.

In addition, you will also be given the feature to chat and communicate with other users. And again, with just a few easy ways above, you will also be rewarded in the form of money.

4. Gift Wallet

This fourth application is perfect for those of you who have a smartphone device with potato specs. This application is very light in size, which is only about 8 MB. And it can be used on smartphone devices version 4.4 and above. So, for those of you who have a low-end smartphone, you can use this application.

Just like the previous application, Gift Wallet will also give you money. But only in the form of Google Play balance only. But it’s still not bad, because you can buy your favorite games or books provided by Google Play.

The way to get it is also very easy. You only need to do a spin or you can also play the simple games that have been provided. Apart from that, you can also earn more money just by inviting your friends to install this app.

To get more money, spin often and also play games in this application.

5. Cash Gift

The fifth application that you can use to earn a lot of money is Cash Gift. However, the size of this application is quite large, which is around 80 Mb. For those of you whose smartphone device specifications are still lacking, it is better to upgrade the device first so that you can use this application.

In this application, your task is very simple to earn money. You only need to see ads in the form of videos, trade the gift cards in them, play games, and also post pictures and videos that are currently trending.

To increase the coffers of rupiah that you can get, you can invite your friends to join in installing this application. And don’t forget to ask them to enter your referral code or invitation code.

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With it, you can earn even more money.

These five applications are offline money-making applications you can use it without an internet connection though. However, sometimes there are one or two tasks that still require internet. But don’t worry, the income is still commensurate with the internet data you spend.