Between GIFs and Emojis, which one is your favourite? – It’s not as fun as playing social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram without emojis and moving images like GIFs. Chatting back to each other is now using these two media to represent our reactions and emotions about something.

These two forms of reaction are present as weapons and delicious spices for playing social media. No Can you imagine how boring it would be to play the internet without two? icon the.

In addition to representing what we want to convey through images and animations, these GIFs and emojis sometimes make a conversation more expressive.

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So, out of these two reaction formats, which one is your favourite?


Emojis come in the form of images that represent various things, from facial expressions, animals, fruits, food, various shapes of space, heart icons, and even various flags.

Unfortunately, this emoji still seems limited because it usually doesn’t provide moving icons.

If you just want to give enough reactions and include them next to the text you share, this emoji is enough to represent your reaction.



GIF or Graphics Interchange Format may be an alternative to Emoji to represent your reaction to something when surfing the Internet.

First introduced in the 1980s, GIFs are becoming more and more diverse by the day. You can choose various angry reactions, laugh and cry through this moving image.


One of the platforms or warehouses for GIFs is Giphy or Tenor, those of you who often use GIFs must be familiar with these two names.

If you open WhatsApp and look at the GIF menu, you’ll probably find the word ‘Tenor’. Yep, Tenor and Giphy are the providers of the GIFs that you will use. Likewise on Twitter, you will find various reactions in the form of GIFs, ranging from shock reactions, approval reactions, rejection reactions and others.

Unlike Emojis, these GIFs are more flexible and expressive. You can make an angry reaction that usually has a firm impression become a little relaxed with a joke.


This GIF is very often found during meme wars or image wars, be it on WhatsApp or Twitter. Conversations that are usually stiff, become even hilarious because of the choice of GIFs sent.

In fact, both forms of this reaction are useful in their respective places. Whatever the choice, without Emoji and GIFs, the world of the internet will be bland. Likewise, we will find it difficult to describe expressions only through the words we write.

To be sure, do not let you abuse both yes!

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