Beware of Nail Mines, Here are Tips to Avoid It!

Jakarta, IDN Times – Driving always has risks, ranging from major risks such as accidents to small and trivial risks such as a tire being hit by a nail mine. In big cities, nail mines are often deliberately spread on highways.

Nail mines can be a safety hazard. In addition, the presence of these nails could be the beginning of a planned crime. If you are not alert and careful, tires that are hit by nail mines on the highway can be experienced by many people.

Well, here are some safe tips so that you avoid the nail mines scattered on the highway.

1. Set driving speed

Beware of Nail Mines, Here are Tips to Avoid It! freepik

Slow down when you are at points that are prone to mine spikes. In Jakarta itself, several areas that are prone to nail mines are in the Pancoran, Kampung Melayu, and Mangga Dua areas.

Motorcycles with tires that have reduced air pressure due to the load of the vehicle when riding in a ride and when the vehicle is traveling at high speed are at high risk of being hit by nail mines.

When driving slowly, spike mines can still be seen so we can avoid them.

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2. Avoid running over goods on the highway

Beware of Nail Mines, Here are Tips to Avoid It! Garbage is scattered on Jalan AP Pettarani Makassar. IDN Times/Sahrul Ramadan

Not infrequently there will be items or garbage in plastic scattered on the highway. Well, you should avoid it and don’t cross it because we don’t know what the contents of the plastic are. It could be, you stepped on the garbage filled with nails and didn’t realize it.

3. Know the point of spread of nail mines

Beware of Nail Mines, Here are Tips to Avoid It! Jalan Raya Kartini is one of the roads in Depok City that connects with Jalan Raya Margonda, Depok City. (IDNTimes/Dicky)

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Usually, spike mines are spread in the middle of the road. From here, if many vehicles pass by, the spikes will spread to the left and right of the road. It’s good you know the points of this spread.

However, it is not uncommon for disseminators to spread nail mines directly on the left side of the road so as not to be caught. To avoid spike mines, avoid crossing the left area of ​​the highway. Instead, choose an area in the middle or right side of the highway so that tire safety can be maintained.

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4. Maximize the light function at night

Beware of Nail Mines, Here are Tips to Avoid It! Suzuki APV Headlamp (

If you drive at night, try to maximize the function of the lights so that the view in front of the highway can be maintained. Because nail mines are small and difficult to detect, you need to be aware of their presence with the headlights in front of the car. Avoid the sides of the road that have the potential to spread nail mines on the highway.

5. Avoid breaking through the hole

Beware of Nail Mines, Here are Tips to Avoid It! Jalan Bintara Raya is damaged and has holes, its location is close to the West Bekasi District Office (doc. Fotp – Andrew).

Hollow and waterlogged roads can be a place to sow nail mines. This is because nail mines will not be easily seen by motorists. In addition to the potential for flat tires, cars that break through puddles will also experience shocks which also have a bad impact on other car parts.

Therefore, avoid and be careful when there is a hole in the road.

6. Bring a spare tire

Beware of Nail Mines, Here are Tips to Avoid It! Formula 1 tires ( Position Motorsport)

Don’t forget to also bring a spare tire if you want to travel long distances. Because you can’t predict what will happen on the highway, you need to anticipate by preparing a spare tire. When the tire is flat due to a nail mine on the highway, you just have to replace it with a spare tire.

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