Beware of natural blisters due to SJS, don’t carelessly take paracetamol for sensitive skin owners – Some time ago, there was a viral story of a positive Covid-19 woman on TikTok who experienced a rash and blistered skin or Stevens Johnson syndrome (SJS) after taking a drug similar to paracetamol.

Professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Prof. Dr. Apt Zullies Ikawati confirmed that there were several cases of people taking paracetamol experiencing blisters similar to SJS.

“So there is something called SJS, if there are blisters, it’s SJS, paracetamol is included which can cause sensitive people, but not everyone,” said Prof. Zullies when contacted by for some time.

The woman who won the title of professor at the age of 39 said that not only in the condition of people with Covid-19, even when under normal conditions, someone who is sensitive usually experiences SJS if they take paracetamol or fever-reducing drugs.

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Stevens Johnson Syndrome (TikTok)
Stevens Johnson Syndrome (TikTok)

“So in the literature there are many drugs that are often reported, including drugs such as anti-inflammatories, that are also frequent. There are several drugs that can cause SJS,” explained Prof. Zullies.

Even so, not all of these conditions can be equated, including women who experience SJS must undergo an examination, because apart from medication, there are several causes for someone experiencing SJS.

SJS can also be triggered by certain bacterial or viral infections, such as herpes, influenza, HIV, diphtheria, typhoid, hepatitis A, and pneumonia.

Unfortunately, Prof. Zullies does not know whether Fluimucil can cause SJS, but paracetamol is the most common cause of SJS.

So first aid if you experience SJS due to paracetamol, you should immediately stop taking drugs that contain paracetamol.

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“Whatever the brand, do not contain paracetamol,” he said.