BLACKPINK Comeback Song Accidentally Leaked

The BLACKPINK girl group has recently been busy with comeback issues. Not only rumors, there is even a snippet of a song that is indicated to be a BLACKPINK song. The snippet leaked on the Internet within two days of this news coming down.

As if to confirm this, YG Entertainment immediately took action in the form of blocking anyone who uploaded a snippet of the song. Until now, some of the videos that leaked the song are now inaccessible.

YG Entertainment Blocks Song Footage Suspected of Being BLACKPINK’s Comeback Song

Allkpop Blackpink
Leaked Song Footage Allegedly For BLACKPINK Comeback | Allkpop

YG Entertainment intervened after a new song allegedly belonging to BLACKPINK was leaked to the public. His party even deleted a number of videos on YouTube that uploaded the leaked song.

Citing the Allkpop report, one netizen shared a screenshot containing an announcement that the video has been removed from YouTube. In the screenshot, YG considers that the video he shared is a form of plagiarism by YG Entertainment.

So the video is automatically blocked and he can no longer access it. It wasn’t the only video that YG Entertainment removed. A number of netizens and fans have experienced similar incidents since this news came down.

The Beginning of the Song Snippet Leaked

Everytruenews24 Blackpink Jeon Somi
BLACKPINK & Jeon Somi | EveryTrueNews24

The leak of the song snippet began when Jeon Somi did a live broadcast on Instagram. He did the broadcast when he was at the YG Black Label studio. At that time the sound of music is quite loud. A female voice is suspected to be BLACKPINK’s Jennie singing a snippet of the song.

Although the snippet of the song only lasted three seconds, the leak that occurred succeeded in making netizens and BLINKs excited (as BLACKNPINK fans are called). They also flocked to re-upload the live broadcast on social media including YouTube.

After knowing that he made a mistake by accidentally playing a snippet of the song that was accidentally played earlier, Jeon Somi immediately panicked. He said that it wasn’t a good thing.

BLACKPINK Merchandise Fans Boycott Because They Won’t Come Back

Kpopdays Blackpink
BLACKPINK Introduced New Merchandie Last March | KpopDays

On March 2, YG Entertainment promoted a new merchandise called BLACKPINK 2022 Welcoming Collection. The new merchandise from BLACKPINK consists of 14 items including DVDs, stickers, photos of the four members, and many others.

However, last February, the news of the release of the new BLACKPINK merchandise did not receive a warm welcome from their fans. Not even a few large fandom groups consisting of Lisa, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo actually promised to boycott merchandise purchases.

The boycott was forced by fans because the agency did not provide certainty when BLACKPINK would release new music. Fans demanded YG Entertainment to immediately announce BLACKPINK’s comeback instead of releasing merchandise. Fans have even calculated that BLACKPINK has been absent from group activities for more than 500 days.