Booster Vaccine Becomes a Requirement for Eid Al-Fitr 2022 Homecoming, Experts Reveal the Basics of Science – The rule for booster vaccines as a condition for going home for Eid in 2022 had some pros and cons. People often compare it to the rules during the Mandalika MotoGP some time ago.

However, the expert considers that the provision of booster vaccination, which has been implemented since the beginning of 2022, is an effort to form additional protection for the people of Indonesia.

From the results of a clinical trial of the vaccine that was conducted in Bandung and led by a vaccination expert from the University of Padjadjaran, it showed that after six months of the second injection, the levels of antibodies formed dropped.

“Based on this data, I propose to Bio Farma, after six months of receiving two doses of vaccination, there should be a follow-up or booster vaccination,” said Prof. Dr. Kusnandi Rusmil Sp.AK. MM., Head of the Covid-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial Research Team in his statement, Monday, (28/3/2022).

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Homecoming Illustration - Latest Travel Rules from Overseas (Pexels)
Homecoming Illustration – Latest Travel Rules from Overseas (Pexels)

This booster vaccination, according to Prof. Kusnandi will increase immunity and if he is infected with Covid-19 the symptoms will be mild. So basically the government aims to keep the community safe, that’s why the booster vaccination program was launched in early January 2022.

“From the results of clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine in Bandung, this third vaccination does not even need to take one dose, half a dose is enough. That way, this program will be budget-effective, and the government will provide a booster vaccination program for free,” said Prof. Kusnandi.

The strengthening of antibodies from the Covid-19 booster vaccine injection, according to Prof. Kusnandi rated very highly. The effectiveness of booster vaccination according to the results of the research team of Prof. Kusnandi points out the figure is 80 percent – 90 percent.

While the effectiveness of vaccination twice is about 65 percent. Also clinically tested, all vaccines currently used by the government are safe and effective. So that Prof. Kusnandi assessed that the rules after the booster did not need to use antigen for the travel conditions to be fair enough. In fact, this makes it easier for the community.

“Now the travel conditions are not complicated. Everyone can travel. It’s even safer if you have a booster. This needs to be seen from the point of view of the government providing protection, not making it difficult for the community. This third injection is also not paid, so the government has good intentions,” said Prof. Kusnandi.

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