Booster Vaccine Injections During Ramadan Fasting Can Make Cancels Proved Not True, This is Doctor Reisa’s explanation – Ahead of the 2022 fasting month of Ramadan, the question of whether the Covid-19 vaccine can cancel fasting is back on social media. So, what did the doctor say?

According to the Government Spokesperson for Handling Covid-19, Doctor Reisa Broto Asmoro, vaccination does not invalidate fasting. This has been stated in the MUI Fatwa Number 13 of 2021 concerning the Law on Covid-19 Vaccination While Fasting.

“The fatwa states that the Covid-19 vaccination does not invalidate fasting. And it can be done for Muslims who are fasting, “said dr. Reisa Broto on Radio Health: Health Protocols for Ramadan and Eid 1443 H, Monday (28/3/2022).

Because vaccination can provide protection for the community, of course this program should not be ignored. Because dr. Reisa said that vaccination was an effort to maintain health in the month of Ramadan.

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Covid-19 Vaccination [Foto: Antara]
Covid-19 Vaccination [Foto: Antara]

However, there are several things that must be considered when vaccinating Covid in the fasting month. So that the body is not weak and tired, dr. Reisa advised to get enough rest.

“So we have to get enough rest, eat nutritious and balanced meals, so that we have good energy throughout the day,” said dr. Reisa.

“Then fluids are also important to be fulfilled, so that the body is strong to go through our days. A minimum of two liters per day is distributed, starting from iftar to sahur,” said dr. Reisa more.

To make fasting more smooth, make sure the body stays healthy and avoids several diseases that can harm the body, such as symptoms that can arise.

“Also make sure to choose a vaccine place in the morning, because at that time we have good energy,” concluded dr. Reisa.

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