BRI Liga 1: Bali United at the top of the standings, what are the chances of becoming a champion?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Bali United is currently at the top of the BRI Liga 1 standings after defeating Persela Lamongan on week 28, Tuesday, March 1 2022. Playing at Kompyang Sujana Stadium, Denpasar, Bali, the team nicknamed Serdadu won 2-1.

Stefano Cugurra’s side have 60 points from 18 wins, six draws and four defeats. They managed to climb to the top after winning consecutive wins in the last five matches.

Bali United is at the top of the standings in the 27th week after beating Persipura Jayapura with a score of 4-1. An additional three points from that match made them succeed in displacing Arema FC, who at that time lost to Persebaya Surabaya 0-1.

Bali United coach, Stefano Cugurra, assesses that the competition for the title of Liga 1 for the 2021-2022 season is getting more and more interesting with six matches remaining. He also reminded his players not to be careless.

“First and foremost is our result, now we are at number one. If we manage to get the three points, we will definitely stay at number one,” Teco said after the match against Persela on Tuesday.

“But when the other clubs Bhayangkara FC and Arema don’t win the points will be further away and the matches will be added less. So it is more interesting that all teams will work hard until the end of the season,” the Brazilian coach added.

In the next closest match, Bali United will face Persija Jakarta. The team nicknamed the Kemayoran Tigers had just suffered a 2-0 defeat to Persib Bandung.

Bai United also still has to face Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya in the remaining matches this season. In the first round, Serdadu Tridatu played a goalless draw against Singo Edan and won 3-1 against Bajul Ijo.

If Bali United manages to win against Arema and Persebaya after conquering Persija, their chances of winning a second League 1 title after 2019 are even greater.

Schedule of remaining matches for Bali United in BRI Liga 1 2021-2022:

– Week 29, March 6, Bali United vs Persija Jakarta
– Week 30, March 11, Persiraja Banda Aceh vs Bali United
– Week 31, 15 March, Bali United vs Arema FC
– Week 32, March 21, Madura United vs Bali United
– Week 33, March 25, Bali United vs Persebaya Surabaya
– Week 34, Persik Kediri vs Bali United (not announced yet).

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