Build Emotional Bonds Between Mother and Child, Psychologist Alludes to the Importance of Approach – Building an emotional bond between mother and child cannot be done overnight. Psychologists say it is important for mothers to do so that the process of forming emotional bonds can be well established.

Ajeng Raviando’s family psychologist, Psi, said that many mothers do not understand the ways and efforts that can be done to build emotional bonds with their children from an early age.

This is partly because mothers are tired of working all day, time constraints and opportunities so that the interaction between mother and child becomes minimal.

In addition, some mothers also do not have adequate communication skills so that the conversation is only in the form of questions and interrogations.

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Illustration of Mother and Child (pixabay/Putu Elmira)
Illustration of Mother and Child (pixabay/Putu Elmira)

“There are various ways to grow emotional bonds between mothers and children in everyday life, for example by doing The Power of Touch & Hugs, where the power of touch and hugs has been proven to be effective in establishing emotional bonds between mothers and children,” Ajeng said in a broadcast. pers.

Second, Ajeng continued, The Power of Communication, an important mantra in fostering emotional bonds between parents and children. Thirdly, The Power of Playing Together, there is nothing more exciting than being able to spend time playing together.

Fourth, The Power of Habits & Daily Routine by getting used to making a daily routine and positive habits with children.

Apart from that, explained Ajeng, there are many activities that can increase the bonding between mother and child; such as playing together (hide and seek, blocks, dolls, etc.), cooking, reading story books, making new DIY toys (do it yourself), making music, exercising, singing, storytelling, and so on.

To invite mothers to build emotional bonds with their children, Lotte Indonesia held Yuk Nari! Challenges.

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“Through the Yuk Nari! Challenge activity, we want to invite mothers to keep trying to build bonds with their children even though they are tired after a busy day at work, as well as make mothers more enthusiastic about their activities,” said Ingen Ate Malem Meliala as Marketing Manager of PT Lotte Indonesia . [ANTARA]