Build Hanabi Sick & Emblem 2022

Build Hanabi Hurts – Mobile Legends is one of the best-selling online games to date that everyone can play via Android, iOS or PC/Laptop devices. Mobile Legends has managed to reach billions of users who are still active.

Moonton as a Mobile Legends game developer always provides the best updates such as presenting new heroes, skins and other items. In addition, Moonton also often gives its users free skins at every event. With the presence of the Hanabi hero in Mobile Legends, players are confused about how to choose the Sick Hanabi build.

Even though Hanabi is not very popular in the ranked tier Legend to Mythical Glory modes, there are still many pros who like to use the Hanabi hero. For example, RRQ Lemon, recently Lemon played Hanabi when playing ranked during a live stream. This certainly makes viewers curious about the sick Hanabi build that Lemon uses.

Now on this good occasion, Ulingame will provide information about the sick Hanabi Build along with the selection of emblems and Battle spells that you must use when using Hanabi to be pro. You just need to read the article below correctly so you can find out which build is Hanabi’s sickest.

Hanabi Mobile Legends

Hanabi Mobile Legends Build Hanabi Hurts

Hanabi is one of the heroes with the Marksman role who is always underestimated by Mobile Legends players. With the skills possessed by Hanabi, until now they have not been able to enter META. But not many people know that Hanabi is very strong and can deal massive damage to a fairly large area in the lategame phase.

Hanabi Stats

mobile phone2510Where390
HP Regen6Where’s Regen15
Physical Attack105Magic Power0
Physical Defense17Magic Defense15
Attack Speed1.06Movement Speed245
Attack Speed100%

Hanabi’s Sick Item Build

For Mobile Legends players who are looking for a combination of the sick Hanabi build and the selection of emblems, so that they can be played on the gold lane. Below, Ulingame has prepared several Hanabi build combinations that can produce deadly damage.

Hanabi’s Sick Emblem

There are 2 choices of emblems that you can use when using this sick Hanabi, namely the Assassin and Marksman emblems. For those of you who have Aggressive game play or bars, you have to wear an emblem Killing Spree Assassins.

But if you have the ability to choose a good position and can add Basic Attack then you use the Marksman emblem Weapon Master.

Weapon Master (Marksman)

The sick Hanabi Emblem Mm Build the Sick Hanabi
  1. Emblem 1: Brevery Level 3 (Physical Attack +12.00)
  2. Emblem 2: Swift Level 3 (Attack Speed ​​+5.00%)
  3. Emblem Talent: Weakness Finder Lv 1 (Gives 20% Basic Attack aimed at reducing the opponent’s Movement SPD 90% & Attack Speed ​​50% for a short time (long range) Talent effect has a cooldown of 2 seconds)

Killing Spree (Assassin)

Assassin's Pained Hanabi Emblem
  1. Slots 1: Agility Lv 3 (Movement Speed ​​+6.00)
  2. Slots 2: Invasion Lv 3 (Physical PEN +6.00)
  3. Emblem Talent: Killing Spree Level 1 (Gains HP by 12% and Movement Speed ​​15% for 5 seconds when killing an opponent.

Hanabi Battle Spell

Inspire and Flicker Build Hanabi Hurts

In addition to using the sickest build and emblem, you also shouldn’t forget to add a Battle Spell. Now the suitable spell for Hanabi to use is Inspire or Flicker.

If you use Inspire, you can add a very fast attack speed and have a cooldown that is not too long.

Unlike Flicker, it is very useful to avoid the opponent’s attack. Because later if you use Hanabi it will be the main target for the opponent’s Hyper Core.

The final word

That’s information about the sickest Hanabi Build from Ulingame that you can use when playing Hanabi and the selection of Emblems and Battle Spells. Hopefully the reviews above can add references and make you a pro using Hanabi.