Build Peak II Line, Bogor Regency Government Less Land 1.5 Ha

Jakarta, IDN Times – The Bogor Regency Government, West Java, still requires land acquisition of around 1.5 hectares to realize the construction of the Puncak Line II.

“From the available data, on average, the remaining 1.5 hectares still have to be released,” said Head of the Bogor Regency Land and Settlement Area Housing Service (DPKPP), Ajat Rohmat Jatnika in Cibinong, Bogor, quoted from AMONGWednesday (9/3/2022).

However, according to him, there is another scenario so that the Bogor Regency Government does not need to acquire 1.5 hectares of land, namely using the land around the Sentul Circuit as access to and from the Puncak II Route.

1. Puncak Line II will be built with a length of 62.8 kilometers

Build Peak Line II, Bogor Regency Government Still Lacks 1.5 Hectares of Land Illustration of Jalan Raya Puncak, Bogor. (IDN Times/Sunariyah)

The construction of the route, which is also known as the East Central Axis (PTT), requires a total area of ​​115 hectares, of which 63 percent is land that was granted by land owners. The rest still require borrowing and using forest areas.

The road, which conceptually has a length of 62.8 kilometers, is planned to be built in two stages, the first phase is 48.7 kilometers long connecting the Sentul Bogor area to Cipanas Cianjur Palace, and the second phase is 18.5 kilometers connecting Wargajaya Bogor to Green Canyon on the border. Karawang.

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2. Peak Line II long-term handling of Peak Line traffic density

Build Peak Line II, Bogor Regency Government Still Lacks 1.5 Hectares of Land Vehicle density on the Puncak tourist route, Cisarua, Bogor Regency, West Java, Monday (28/2/2022). The high volume of tourist vehicles during the Prophet Muhammad SAW’s Isra Miraj holiday caused congestion on the Puncak Bogor tourist route so that the Bogor Resort Police implemented a one-way system and diverted traffic flow to break down vehicle density (ANTARA PHOTO/Yulius Satria Wijaya)

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Previously, Bogor Regent Ade Yasin and Cianjur Regent Herman Suherman urged the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) to immediately build Puncak II Line for long-term handling of traffic congestion on the Puncak Line.

“I think we need another (congestion handling) solution, a solution that we always echo. Today the Regent of Cianjur also really wants to encourage that the solution to Puncak congestion is (construction of) Puncak II,” said Ade Yasin.

According to him, the implementation of traffic engineering in the form of an odd-even system or a one-way system is only a short-term handling of vehicle volume density.

3. People often choose the Puncak II route even though the road is in a heavily damaged condition

Build Peak Line II, Bogor Regency Government Still Lacks 1.5 Hectares of Land Illustration of traffic jam on Puncak route, Bogor. (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Yulius Satria Wijaya)

The Puncak II route, which stretches in Batulawang Village, Cipanas District, Cianjur, West Java, is a solution for motorists who are stuck in total traffic jam on the Puncak route, even though most of the alternative road runways are in a heavily damaged condition.

Even on Sunday (27/2/2022), thousands of motorists chose to cross the Puncak II route, so as not to be stuck in long queues for hours on the main route, even though most of the road runways were damaged and slippery because they were buried by the cliffs that are commonly found in the area. along that road.

Even though the road is damaged, it only takes drivers three to four hours to get to the Bogor area, which is faster than being stuck on the Puncak route, so officers direct drivers to choose an alternative route to Puncak II, even though the road is still damaged.

The regent of Cianjur, Herman Suherman, said that his party also hopes that the central government will immediately grant the construction of the Puncak II route because the previous year, the district government had budgeted Rp 6 billion for the construction of the Puncak II road through to the main route to be built by the central government.

“We hope that the construction of Puncak II will soon be realized from the central government budget because it relies on very minimal budgets from local governments. The Puncak II route is the only solution, overcoming the total traffic jam on the Puncak route,” he said.

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