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Razor is one of the Genshin Impact characters who has reached four stars with a simple build. Before playing this character, you need to know what the best Razor Genshin Impact build is. For that, see the following reviews.

The Best Team for Razor

In the game Genshin Impact, the Razor character is generally used as the main DPS in a tip. This is because the line up of this character is not difficult to form, because the build is very simple and there are few in number. Razor character prioritizes physical damage in the game.

You can find the best team for Razor in the form of characters that can help increase his physical damage. Characters who are used as Razor’s partners should have the Cryo element to help activate the Supercondt.

One pair of teammates who are suitable for Razor is Kaeya, because he has burst and elemental skills with short cooldowns. Meanwhile, for colleagues on the healer side, you can choose between Qiqi with a healing effect or Diona who has a more consistent Cryo.

Best Artifacts for Razor

The selection of artifacts is the next thing that needs to be considered in building the best Razor Genshin Impact build. You just need to look for sets that can be found easily, physical damage, and stats attacks.

This is because Razor only needs a simple artifact so that its physical damage can be increased immediately. Then, to be able to use the critical rate as additional damage and burst continuously, look for energy recharge.

One artifact that is suitable for Razor is Gladiator’s final to provide bonus damage and attack from normal attacks. Apart from that, you can also use the bloodstainde chivalry artifact that can be paired with the previous set to make it work optimally.

Best Weapon for Razor

The selection of weapons that will be used for Razor later must be able to produce physical damage for this character. Here are some recommended weapons for Razor because they can increase the character’s critical attack.

This weapon recommendation can be chosen if it is felt that the Razor character already has enough attacks, but wants to be improved again. Serpent Spine is a weapon that can be used to increase the criticality of Razor’s character.

This Serpent Spine weapon is useful for increasing the damage output that will be issued by Razor because it can provide critical rate stats. Serpernt Spine is the best weapon choice for Razor from the paid Battel Pass that you can choose.

Next, there is an archaic Prototype weapon that is useful for providing high damage effects for Razor characters. The weapon, which was formerly known as the Prototype Aminus, is known to be one of the best choices for Razor.

The advantage of Prototype Archaic Senrii is that it makes Razor’s attacks feel stronger. However, there are still better weapons to increase stats as an additional attack for the character.

The final weapon choice for Razor is Snow-Tombed Starsilver which is the best choice to support this character. The weapon was just released during the last Dragonsnipe expansion. The advantage of Snow-Tombed Strarsilver is that it is able to provide high physical damage stats.

The usefulness of the physical stats given is to be the main source of damage for Razor. In addition, this weapon can also synergize with Cryo and provide additional sources of damage.

You can try the Razor Genshin Impact build above when you want to produce high damage when playing this character. Pair Razor with the right characters on your team so you can win.