Bukit 7 Sempan Bangka, Facilities, Entrance Tickets and Location

Bukit 7 Sempang or known as Bukit 7 Coffee N Resto is a hill tourist spot in Bangka. This location is quite popular on Instagram, because it is a very good place to take pictures.

Opening hours:08.00-21.00 WIB
Ticket price:Rp. 5,000/person
Address:Unnamed Road, 33251, Sempan, Pemali, Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands 33251
Public facilities:Photo spots, food stalls, parking lots
Access Road:Pretty good
Online Maps:View Maps
Hill 7 Sempan
Be careful, madam

Who does not know Bangka Belitung. Where, this place has beautiful beach attractions. But, apart from that, you should know that this province has another panorama that should not be missed. The beauty is in Hill 7 Sempan.

Sepan Hill 7 at a glance

It can be said that this place is a new tourism area in the Bangka Belitung Islands. Bukit 7 Sempan is located quite far from the residents’ houses. Thus, the management of this place is entrusted by local residents, especially the village youth.

If you look closely, you will see that this place is like the Lembang area, Bandung, which does have a beautiful panorama that cannot be expressed in words. So, don’t be surprised if when you enter this tourist attraction your memory will be focused on the city of flowers.

The area of ​​this place is approximately 6 hectares. So, you can enjoy the vast expanse of Bangka Belitung’s nature which is rarely exposed. Don’t forget to bring a capable camera to get good photos and pictures.

Facilities Hill 7 Sempa

One reason why you must visit Bukit 7 Sempan in the Bangka Belitung Islands is the many photo spots. Today’s social media has become an addiction for you to present pictures with beautiful views.

When you first set foot on Bukit 7 sempan, you will be warmly welcomed with a gentle breeze. The atmosphere and feel goes straight to the heart. Thus, presenting an irresistible longing when leaving here.

Being in an altitude area, you can enjoy various kinds of hill charms. The greens are beautiful so they can wash the eyes clean. You certainly know, if this area is the same as various kinds of tourism in Indonesia.

One of the interesting spots here is the viewing post with one seat. You can be like a queen. Where, this point is the most frequent destination. So, don’t be surprised if you have to be willing to queue to get a point here.

For example, the Mangunan fruit garden in Bantul district. That’s how you will feel in this place. Interestingly, the charm of the sunset or sunset. The sky view will turn orange.

Then, look back up at the sky with the light tinged clouds. This combination is what makes it difficult for you to go to this place. The closer to dusk, the more beautiful the nature of the hill 7 sempa.

Don’t be in a hurry to leave and go home. Feel the cold and beautiful night with a variety of interesting twinkling lights. Really, a different night from any other place there is.

After arriving here, you have to be willing to walk quite a distance and sweat. Because, enjoying the hill 7 sempan must be trekking quite far. It is recommended to come to this place in the afternoon. So that the sun is not too stinging.

Bukit 7 Sempan Entrance Ticket Prices

Want to enjoy the various beauties here, you have to pay the entrance ticket fee of 5 thousand rupiah. This price will be added to the parking fee of 3 thousand rupiah for motorbikes. For those of you who bring a car will pay a tariff of 7 thousand rupiah.

The price is not too expensive, isn’t it, to enjoy various selfie spots. Interestingly, all these selfie areas were built by village youths. They are dedicated to presenting this interesting vehicle.

Not only that, the spots that were built were even simple. Like, wood that is no longer used. Then, with their creations in the form of interesting places and installed between these hills.

Route Location Hill 7 Sempa

Bukit 7 sempan is located in sampan, Permali, Bangka district, Bangka Belitung Islands, Postal Code 33251. Operating hours this place will open at 8 am and will close at 9 pm.

To get to this area, you can use a map application or a map on your smartphone. By using this application, you will be directed from the road, path, route to the location point. It’s easy isn’t it?

Bukit 7 Sempa Photo Gallery

Bukit 7 Sempan, Another Enchantment of Bangka Belitung 1
Why are you sleeping there?
Bukit 7 Sempan, Another Enchantment of Bangka Belitung 2
Aren’t you afraid?
Bukit 7 Sempan, Another Enchantment of Bangka Belitung 3
Did your ex work?
Bukit 7 Sempan, Another Enchantment of Bangka Belitung 4
Is this Nurhadi Aldo? @nurhadi_1001
Bukit 7 Sempan, Another Enchantment of Bangka Belitung 5
Where are you going aunty?
Bukit 7 Sempan, Another Enchantment of Bangka Belitung 6
Do you have coffee?

Hill 7 Sempan is a tourist attraction that is currently developing. All costs in this place are taken from the entrance fee. Come and enjoy the various charms that are here, with your arrival, this area will continue to grow.