Burnout due to work fatigue, try to overcome it with these 4 steps

Suara.com – The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has not only affected patients, but also office workers. Many workers complain of fatigue or burnout at work.

Burnout is an occupational phenomenon or syndrome resulting from chronic stress at work that cannot be managed.

However, Professor Sir Cary Cooper, Member of the Advisory Board at Delamere, has found several ways to deal with burnout or job burnout.

Previously, many people may not have realized that their burnout at work was caused by burnout. Some of the signs of burnout include:

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  1. Feelings of running out of energy or fatigue
  2. Increased mental distance from one’s work or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s work
  3. Less professional.
Illustration work.[Pexels/George Milton]
work illustration [Pexels/George Milton]

If you’re tired, don’t panic too much. There are several things that can be done by managing energy depletion.

The following is quoted from Express4 things that can be done to overcome fatigue according to Professor Sir Cary Cooper from Delamere.

1. Turn off phone notifications

If you have phone notifications consistently throughout the day, including work emails and more, it’s best to turn them off when you’re resting, especially on holidays.

“The temptation to look at notifications can make it hard to tell between work and rest,” says Sir Cooper.

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If turning off notifications doesn’t work, you can temporarily delete any work apps. In fact, you can have a day free from your cell phone, computer or anything else related to work.

2. Make a to-do list

For people who work full time, you can create a to-do list which can help you work on them in order.

“Annual leave can be a great time to complete all the to-do lists that pile up. You can start with the most important or most favorite things,” he said.

3. Cross out the work that has been completed

Sometimes, the best way to forget about work on your personal time is to cross off the work that was already done. If the work is not finished, you can underline it.

So you can relax but not drag on. You can return to work feeling ready and happy.

4. Make some information about being on vacation or being out of the office

Some bosses usually keep in touch with their employees even though they are on holiday or are out of the office. If you want a short break, you can make information on vacation, time off or being out of the office.

When you post this information in your personal contacts, people will generally be reluctant to contact you and you don’t have to check notifications all the time.