Buyutan Beach Pacitan, Location Info, Facilities and Entrance Tickets

According to local beach travelers, Great Britain’s beach is one of the best beaches in Pacitan. The sand is white, visitors can occasionally play up to the lips when the water recedes.

Opening hours:24 hours
Ticket price:Rp. 5,000 / person
Address:Widoro Village, Donorojo, Bolo, Kalak, Donorojo, Pacitan Regency, East Java 63554
Public facilities:Parking Areas, Toilets, Lodging, Mosque, Etc
Access Road:Narrow roads, lots of ups and downs
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Buyutan Beach

Besides being called the city of a thousand caves, Pacitan is actually also suitable to be called the city of a thousand beaches. Where, currently lined with natural beauty that can inspire a sense of awe of this country.

Well, among several beaches that are widespread in this city, there is one beach that attracts tourists both domestically and abroad. Where, the beauty of the corals is able to enchant every visitor who comes because of the various forms.

The name of this tourist attraction is Buyutan Beach. Where, the beauty of this place is able to distract the world for a while. Intrigued by the beauty of this area, let’s look at the following exploration,

Buyutan Beach

The Pacitan area does have a beach that is always unique, has characteristics that are not shared by other regions. Well, the hallmark of Buyutan Beach is the coral shaped crown of Lord Narada.

This crown is the result of local folklore that became a myth and legend. Where, the crown of Dewanarada fell when this god was flying across this area. Then, this crown turned into a rock.

For those who want to stay around the beach, there are already many inns that stand. However, try something new by camping in an area that has been provided by the attraction manager.

This area is located in a fairly wide savanna, not too far from the sea. So that the melody of the waves still sounds melodious every night. Lighting a bonfire later, enjoying various kinds of food and the stars in the sky is very charming.

Great Beach is included in an area that is still very natural. This is evidenced by the presence of naughty monkey habitats that can bully travel buddies. If you’re lucky, travel buddies can invite them to take a selfie together, isn’t that interesting?

Maybe this is one of the features of this area. Where there is a source of fresh water that comes from the mountains. It is located not far from the savanna and the beach area. So, travel buddies can still look for it and also reach this area.

Besides enjoying the beautiful hills and savanna. Travel buddies can also enjoy the beach area which is very charming, so it is very cool to use it for swimming. If you want to swim, you have to be careful because many of the corals are quite sharp.

In addition to coral, which must also be considered are the waves are quite large. Considering the great-grandson beach is located on the coast of the Java Sea, which is known to have super large and super dangerous waves.

With the presence of these corals, travel buddies can take advantage of the diving and snorkeling spot arenas. Travel buddies who don’t bring their equipment can rent and borrow them at rental places that are widely available.

There is also an enchanting stretch of beach sand, where travel buddies can sit lazing in this place. Enjoy the beauty of the great-grandfather beach that never gets bored. Moreover, the texture of this sand is very soft so it is very suitable as a place to sunbathe.

Location of Buyutan Beach Attractions

Buyutan Beach is located in Widoro Village, Donorojo District, Pacitan Regency, East Java Province. Where, the beach is among the vast rice fields. Try to come in the morning or evening. The beauty of this area will be clearly seen before the eyes.

Heading to the location, you have to sweat and race with fatigue, because motorized vehicles cannot reach this area. Therefore, up and down the hill with the road conditions are quite steep and slightly winding.

Well, from this cliff, you can see how the sun sets and the sky changes color. This combination has always been awaited and awaited by all travel buddies who come to this place.

Well, the path to this area itself can be taken from Pacitan and also from Solo. If you walk from Pacitan, you can start from the Great Mosque of Punung, then there is a T-junction, turn left.

Next, direct the vehicle to the next T-junction. Turn right, then go straight ahead towards the gong cave. Then, direct the vehicle to the kalak village hall. There is a fork in the road, turn left until you pass a kalak market.

Then, continue your journey to Widoro village again. Continue back towards the T-junction. Well, here you can see the signboard for travel to buyutam beach.

After from here, you will pass through vast rice fields. Try to come when harvest season arrives. The beautiful scenery looks very charming. Feel the beauty of the atmosphere of the wind that always comes blowing. Breathing very fresh air. It’s really delicious.

Buyutan Beach Entrance Ticket Prices

To be able to enjoy this area, you will be charged a tariff of 5 thousand rupiah. Plus the parking fee of 3 thousand rupiah for the car. And for motorized vehicles will be charged a tariff of 2 thousand rupiah.

Don’t forget to bring a capable camera, travel buddy. Because, with the presence of a camera, every moment will feel very meaningful and produce a blazing image according to its place. Interesting isn’t it?

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Buyutan Beach Photo Gallery

Buyutan Beach
Buyutan Beach
Buyutan Beach
Buyutan Beach
Buyutan Beach

This is the beauty of Buyutan Beach who are in pacitan. Its beauty does have its own hue. How about visiting this area on New Year’s Eve? Or is it a must-visit agenda next year?