Called Stupid, PSI Secretary General Dismisses Rocky Gerung

Jakarta, IDN Times – Secretary General of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Dea Tunggaesti, opened his voice after being called stupid by Rocky Gerung. Dea initially replied to Rocky Gerung’s accusations by thanking him.

“I am grateful for Mr. Rocky Gerung’s comments calling my statement stupid and stupid, considering that these comments must have come from someone who is very smart and super intelligent,” Dea said through her Instagram account as quoted IDN TimesThursday (10/3/2022).

Rocky Gerung called Dea’s statement stupid and stupid because it was considered to support the extension of the presidential term. According to Dea, PSI refused to extend the presidential term by postponing the election.

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1. If you want to extend the term of office of the president, there must be an amendment to the 1945 Constitution

Called Stupid, PSI Secretary General Snubbed Rocky Gerung about Sentul HousePSI Secretary General Dea Tunggaesti (

Dea explained that if you want to extend the term of office of the president, an amendment to the 1945 Constitution must be carried out. According to him, if this is done, PSI will continue to support Joko “Jokowi” Widodo to run again as a presidential candidate in 2024.

“If in the end the parties in parliament, which currently PSI is not there, make amendments to the constitution, and open up space for Mr. Jokowi to run again in the 2024 election, then we will without doubt support Mr. Jokowi, because his achievements and work are clear. hard for the Indonesian people,” he said.

Dea then mentioned the results of the public satisfaction survey on Jokowi-Ma’ruf’s performance of more than 70 percent.

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2. Bring the names of Prabowo and Sandiaga Uno

Called Stupid, PSI Secretary General Snubbed Rocky Gerung about Sentul HouseThe pair of presidential and vice presidential candidates for the 2019 presidential election, Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno. (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Sigid Kurniawan)

Furthermore, Dea then mentioned the attitude of Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno as knights. They are considered willing to work and build the nation by joining as Jokowi’s minister.

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“Supposedly Mr (Rocky Gerung) could learn from Pak Prabowo, Pak Sandiaga, even though they used to fight so hard against Pak Jokowi in the election, but when the election was over, they became knights, instead helping Pak Jokowi in the government. What does that mean? They contribute to building the country, while Mr., what have you done?” he said.

Closing his statement, Dea then mentioned the dispute about Rocky Gerung’s house which was built on land without a certificate.

“One more thing, sir, as stupid as I am, I will not build a house whose certificate is not mine. Greetings stupid from me,” he said.

3. BPN confirms that the land occupied by Rocky Gerung belongs to Sentul City

Called Stupid, PSI Secretary General Snubbed Rocky Gerung about Sentul HouseRocky Gerung (IDN Times/Fitang Budhi)

Previously, the Agrarian and Spatial Planning Office of the National Land Agency (ATR/BPN) of Bogor Regency, opened its voice regarding the land dispute involving political observer Rocky Gerung and PT Sentul City Tbk.

Head of the Bogor Regency ATR/BPN Office, Sepyo Achanto, said the dispute began with mutual claims of land ownership currently occupied by Rocky Gerung in Bojong Koneng Village, Babakan Madang District, or in the Sentul City area.

Head of the Bogor Regency ATR/BPN Office, Sepyo Achanto, revealed a number of allegations circulating about the alleged false ownership of PT Sentul City’s certificate of land used by Rocky Gerung.

Sepyo also confirmed that the land certificate is still in the name of PT Sentul City Tbk, according to data available at the Bogor Regency ATR/BPN office.

“Until now, the object (land) is in the name of PT Sentul City. We still have the data, so it’s not fake,” he said in Bogor, Wednesday (22/9/2021).

Sepyo said that his party admitted that they had discussed with the Bogor Regency Government to prioritize deliberation on this case.

“We have discussed this together with the Bogor Regency Government. We ask both parties to prioritize deliberation and consensus to resolve this issue,” he said.

Questioning the use of Sentul City land by Rocky Gerung, Sepyo explained, the land should be used according to its designation.

“So it depends. That’s just the name, not the owner, it means that it is used to cultivate, not build. Unless the land is HGB (Building Use Rights) it’s just a property right, it can be used to build,” said Sepyo.