Can Cow’s Milk Really Prevent Covid-19 Corona Virus Infection? These are Expert Findings! – A study says cow’s milk contains protein that inhibits the virus, so it can help prevent the Covid-19 corona virus from replicating in a person’s body and causing infection.

The protein in cow’s milk that can inhibit the Covid-19 coronavirus is the protein lactoferrin, which is found in the milk of most mammals.

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that the lactoferrin protein from cow’s milk has bioactive characteristics against many microbes, viruses, and other pathogens.

This protein has also been found to be able to prevent infection with the Covid-19 coronavirus under experimental conditions. This is done by blocking the ability of the virus to enter the target cell, and by supporting the cell’s antiviral defense mechanism.

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“Bovine lactoferrin has shown antiviral activity in human clinical trials,” said lead researcher Jonathan Sexton, from the university’s Department of Internal Medicine. Times of India.

Illustration of the Covid-19 corona virus.  (Pixabay/Engin_Akyurt)
Illustration of the Covid-19 corona virus. (Pixabay/Engin_Akyurt)

For example, orally administered bovine lactoferrin has been shown to increase the severity of viral infections, including rotavirus and norovirus.

Given the broad antiviral efficacy and safety, minimal side effects, and commercial availability of bovine lactoferrin, several studies suggest its use as a preventive or post-exposure drug for COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

The findings are detailed in the Journal of Dairy Science to increase clinical relevance and translatability.

In fact, the research team also tested bovine lactoferrin against some of the most common coronavirus variants of global concern, namely the WA1 variant which represents the US outbreak in 2020, B.1.1 variant .7, B.1.351, and P.1, and the Delta variant. .

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“Each of these variants includes a modification of the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein that reduces the efficacy of the new Covid-19 vaccine. Furthermore, each of these strains exhibited decreased neutralization by vaccinated serum,” Sexton said.

The main benefit of the antiviral efficacy of lactoferrin is its potential to prevent and treat disease.

“These findings are important when currently widely available coronavirus treatment options are either very limited or too expensive,” he said.